PO Box 463
McCall, Idaho 83638

Since 2011, Unique-ARs has been dedicated to creating the most unique AR-15s and accessories on the planet in McCall, Idaho. From our Themed Rifles, Original Series handguards, to the Unique-Grip and the Slim Series Handguards, we continue to create products that offer function and design. Our employees strive to provide the best products in the industry with precision machining and excellent customer service. From mild to wild, Unique-ARs can turn any AR into something truly one-of-a-kind.

TG20 AR Pistol
The TG20 was created as a new option for home and auto defense. This pistol features a 7.5″ barrel, Unique-ARs custom color-filled handguard, Heat Shield, and a custom milled buffer tube and Gear Head Works Tailhook.

Screaming Eagle AR-15
The Screaming Eagle was built specifically to embody trailblazers, patriots, fighters and the tenacity of the American Spirit. This rifle showcases true American craftsmanship with all components made in the United States, and assembly in McCall, Idaho.

This completely customizable Unique-Grips perfectly conforms to each shooter’s hand, regardless of size, shape, strength or dominance. This ergonomic pistol grip adjusts exactly to your hand to reduce fatigue and improve performance. The patented functionality of the grip allows it to compensate for the natural twist of every shooter’s hand. Instant fit, instant comfort. Made of space-age polymers this grip easily installs on all mil-spec AR platform rifles. Simply grip it, lock it, and fire away.