Holster for Sig P365

The P365 pistol is one of the best micro 9mm out on the market. A popular way to concealed carry is with an IWB (Inside the Waist Band) holster. The P365 can also be carried with a special inside pocket holster. One of the best one on the market is made by CCW Breakaways. Called Skintight holster. Specially developed for compact pistol with single and double stack mags.

The Skintight holster main purpose is to prevent “accidental discharge”.

This inside-the-pocket holster uses a hard inner core thermo formed Kydex with a soft tacky outer skin. The inner core covers the trigger guard entirety and holds it shape, alloing you to smoothly draw (& reholster) the pistol.
This keeps the finger on the frame as the gun is removed from the Skintight and clears the pants pocket. The tacky outer skin keeps the 1-ounce Skintight in the pouch during the draw. The shape of this special holster reduces printing.

The wearing of the Skintight holster provides deep concealment, easy access and comfort. The Sig P365 pistol does not slip out of the holster when shifted to the down grip position. With the outer tacky material this prevents the pistol from jumbling around.

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Wear & Tear
If you take your personal defense serious, then you probably will practice drawing your pistol. So a quick word on wear and tear. As of this writing no timeline has been determine when the holster deteriorate. Even if you wear the top of the line Shapeshifter IWB.

Multi-Purpose Carry
The Skintight holster can be rigged to carry not just in your pant pocket but also in your jacket, fanny pack, inside the vehicle and even rig it into your “get out & dodge bag”.

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P365 vs Hellcat

Micro 9’s Showdown

The Sig P365 and the Hellcat pistols are considered to be two of the most popular micro 9mm (pocket pistols) out on the market. Youtuber Ian and Karl of In Range demonstrates this comparison.
The purpose of this is to see and feel how both of these guns shoot. They are looking at it from a performance level but nothing too technical and this is not a valid way to test a handgun. This is just heresy from two people with differing skill level.
The only differences between the two pistol is that the Hellcat has a Red Dot attached for sighting. If this is better to have than iron sights, that is to be debated at another time.


This test involves two targets which must be hit twice per target at the 10 yards and 15 yards. This is a time event which has the shooter holding their pistols at the low ready position and commence firing at the sound of the buzz. There is no time from the 25 yard, shooter have 10 rounds to see how many they get on target.

10 Yard

Both shooters average times were faster with the Hellcat.

15 Yard

25 Yards

Hellcat won at the 10 yard close range. At 15 yards the P365 seems to be better without a Red Dot. Ian is definitely the long range marksman, where Karl is the faster shooter at closer range. Having the red dot seems to be a plus when getting on target.

Both guns run really well. At the 15 yards the P365 won. Both shooters have a different makeup, one has more aptitude for precision shooting than the other.


Ian prefers the Sig P365 trigger being much cleaner, while the Hellcat trigger was more stiff. The reset may have been better on the P365 than the Hellcat. (both shooters agreed on this)

Karl prefers the Hellcat, even though its considered a copycat of the P365. Incorporating the Red Dot is a huge plus not only for close range quick target acquisition but if needed to sighting a target 25 yards also helps having. Having an extra round may be just a cool feeling that you have one more round. The grip texturing feels more sticky, so much better than holding the P365.

Sig P365 Review – Pocket Gun on Steroids

Small in Size and Stature, but Big in Performance!

Introducing the game-changing P365 High-Capacity Micro-Compact. The revolutionary new concealed carry pistol that gives you more capacity, more concealability and more capability. It’s the one gun you can carry every day of the year.
The P365 was selected by the NRA’s Shooting Illustrated Magazine as their Golden Bullseye winner for 2019 Handgun of the Year. You can take their word or maybe you take a P365 out for a run. The following are remarks and comments from other shooters. Many of these shooters like comparing one to another to get a gauge for performance and any function differences.
The Sig P365 9mm came out to serve the needs of the majority. A compact size pistol for CCW with good accuracy and reliability. Usually, most would think of Glocks as the industry standard.

Many shooters are saying the P365 is either smaller or the same size as the Glock43 with an extra 4 round capacity. The trigger grip is supposed to be more comfortable due to its design. Word has it that the P365 takes some of its design cues from the X-Series of P320 pistols particularly in its stippling and the smooth undercut of the trigger guard. The undercut allows the shooter to get an even higher grip on the gun for greater control and flatter shooting.
Former 1st SFOD-Delta Kyle Lamb of Viking Tactical had positive comments about the P365 grip:

While there is positive feedback there are some negative. Some shooters had complain about the slide-lock lever brushing up on the support-hand thumb knuckle when using a high forward support hand.
The backstrap and beavertail of the grip is cut so that the gun sits nicely in the webbing of the hand.
Stippling on the grip is effective and comfortable. The gun sticks in the hand like it should without being too aggressive for more sensitive skin.

The trigger press when fired was quick and easy. Manufacture trigger pull info comes in at 6 pounds. Many shooters stated, “the feel was lighter than that.”
Trigger reset is short and distinct. Initial take-up of the trigger is light and free. The travel of the trigger once you feel the resistance in the stroke is about a quarter-inch. Pressing the trigger through the stroke is smooth and even. Once it breaks there is no over-travel.
The length of pull for shooters with small hands will have no problem working the trigger, and larger-handed folks will be able to use it comfortably.


The XRAY3 Day/Night Sights are excellent, very visible and bright in both daylight and low-light conditions. These babies replaced the SIG-Lite Night Sights when the P365 first came out on the market due to the breakage of the tritium vials during the violent recoil.
The rear sights are two tritium dots that show up very nicely in low light. While you can see the two rear dots in the daytime, I don’t really notice them. What you get while shooting quickly is a very bright front sight that is easy to find in the rear notch.


The little gun that shoots like a big gun. Just as it sounds, Sig design this micro 9mm (pocket gun) to shoot and feel as if its the full size pistol.
The recoil with the P365 is deceptive. Its is true that most small guns snap when shot. But some shooters are saying it FEELS less snappy than similar guns. As a matter of fact you can witness how flat the gun is while Riley T Bowman shoots this pocket gun shared in this video.
Obviously, this all depends on how tight you’re holding that pistol. However, its still impressive to see.

Magazine Capacity
For the size and thickness of the P365 to be able to fit 10 or 12 rounds into a profile that doesn’t look any bigger than an S&W Shield. The 12 round mag feels decent on larger than small hands as it extends the grip length, it is still just barely longer than some other guns with standard capacity magazines in them. Just for gee whiz info, the M&P Shield with a factory 8-round magazine is longer than the P365.

Final Shot
Most Sig P365 converters have been Glock43 fanatics. They were all surprised to see how well the P365 fit comfortably in their hands. The P365 definitely filled some big shoes for the CCW community.
The Glock43 considered the most reliable and the converts have sworn that they can shoot the P365 faster with accuracy than the Glock43.
The capacity may be the game changer, which doubles the Glock43.
For personal defense this P365 is very accurate at 10 yards, even for the average shooters. Have you a Sig P365 yet?

Here’s Taran Butler of Taran Tactical running the P365.

Sig Sauer P365 Specs: