Skintight Holster for Sig P365

The P365 pistol is one of the best micro 9mm out on the market. A popular way to concealed carry is with an IWB (Inside the Waist Band) holster. The P365 can also be carried with a special inside pocket holster. One of the best one on the market is made by CCW Breakaways. Called Skintight holster. Specially developed for compact pistol with single and double stack mags.

The Skintight holster main purpose is to prevent “accidental discharge”.

This inside-the-pocket holster uses a hard inner core thermo formed Kydex with a soft tacky outer skin. The inner core covers the trigger guard entirety and holds it shape, alloing you to smoothly draw (& reholster) the pistol.
This keeps the finger on the frame as the gun is removed from the Skintight and clears the pants pocket. The tacky outer skin keeps the 1-ounce Skintight in the pouch during the draw. The shape of this special holster reduces printing.

The wearing of the Skintight holster provides deep concealment, easy access and comfort. The Sig P365 pistol does not slip out of the holster when shifted to the down grip position. With the outer tacky material this prevents the pistol from jumbling around.

Wear & Tear
If you take your personal defense serious, then you probably will practice drawing your pistol. So a quick word on wear and tear. As of this writing no timeline has been determine when the holster deteriorate. Even if you wear the top of the line Shapeshifter IWB.
Just a note this Skintight accommodates the single stack mag, I have not test this with a double stack mag yet.

Multi-Purpose Carry
The Skintight holster can be rigged to carry not just in your pant pocket but also in your jacket, fanny pack, inside the vehicle and even rig it into your “get out & dodge bag”.

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SPECS: A Hard-Inner-Core . . . A Soft-Outer-Skin . . . Tightly-Fit Around Your Gun

Tested Single Stack and Double Stack Models listed at the bottom of this webpage

Patent Pending

Eliminate Accidental Discharges (AD) . . . Eliminate Negligent Discharges (ND)

Minimalist Design . . . Maximum Safety

Super-Skinny-Thin, Non-Bulky, and Less Than One Ounce in Weight

Adaptable to Varying Sizes of Firearms

 The Hard-Inner-Core is made from thermoformed Kydex

For Zero Penetration into the Trigger Guard

For an Unobstructed Firearm Entry and a Smooth Sliding Withdrawal

For a Contouring-Shape to Eliminate Printing

For a Snag-Free Sight Channel 

The Soft-Outer-Skin is made from a Soft-To-Touch and Cushiony Neoprene & Spandex

For Circumferential Compression, a 360 Degree Squeeze

For Gun Retention in the Holster

For Holster Retention in the Pocket . . . just the “perfect amount of stiction”

The Trigger Finger Registration Point (TRP) applied to both sides (for Lefties and Righties)

For Trigger Finger Discipline . . . an Indexed Sensory Location Point

For the Trigger Finger Landing “On-The-Slide” After Draw

Single Stack’s Tested:

 Glock 43, 43X, 42

 Sig P365, P938

 Ruger LC9 and EC9

 S&W Shield

 Kimber EVO

 Mossberg MC1sc

 Kahr CW9, PM9

 Springfield XD(s)

 Walther PPS

 Double Stack’s tested:

 Glock 26, 27


 Taurus G2c