Concealed Carry – Same Side Weapon Retention


In this article about weapon retention for concealed carry, we will address protecting from the same side attack. A same side attack refers to when your handgun is on the right side of your waistband and the attacker’s left hand is reaching for it.

Mohammad Abdul of Black Tiger Tactical Training demonstrates a very effective drill for safeguarding your firearm. What is unique about this drill is that it can be played out in a realistic scenario with resistance. Just a side note – in the video the demonstration is for an open carry, but this can be translate to concealed carry as well. You’ll find it’s more of a challenge to get your handgun out while in this struggle.

Isolating the Drill
The objective of the drill is to control the attacking hand and the position.
The second objective is to implement the strike or to draw the handgun or Tac Knife.

Honing your Strikes Against a Live Opponent
When drilling, its important to hone the strikes mentioned in the video, but do it while you’re in this dynamic state. Here is the progression when practicing this form of weapon retention:

  • Go at half speed to learn the mechanics while your partner is giving you half resistance
  • Go at 3/4 speed & intensity with partner also resisting at 3/4
  • Go all out & partner with full resistance

Key Takeaway

Controlling the attacking hand and positioning is vital. Striking and drawing the Tac Knife or handgun requires practice while under stress. Seriously, practice drawing your favorite SOG tac knife one-handed while you’re in stand up wrestling. Another problem is the placement of the Tac knife, will it be accessible to you or the attacker? Just some things to consider.

Please let us know about your weapon retention training, whether you’re in law enforcement or a lawful gun owner.

Source:Black Tiger Tactical, J Hines

Conceal Carry – Immediate Action Drill

Chances are you won’t encounter hostile threats like in the video, unless you live in a dangerous area part of the world. Regardless, a lawful gun owner must understand and know a little bit of tactics when the use of firearms is involved. This shows a two person immediate action drill while carrying concealed when you come upon fire and the threat is at medium to long range.

In this scenario, please pay attention to the communication taking place, and cover each other to get out of the danger area. Doesn’t matter what kind of firearms you’re carrying concealed the point of this training video is on the communication, controlled suppressive fire and covering your partner while retrograding.