Suppressors Myth

There are some myths about suppressors out there. Most of these myths comes from gun owners that don’t own a suppressor. Fortunately, we have United States Marine Corps Gunner Christian Wade to set the record straight.

Gunner Christian Wade is a Chief Warrant Officer 5 and is the Gunner for the 2nd Marine Division, literally making him an expert on small arms and their employment. I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of a better source for reliable information regarding the employment of suppressors by the Marine Corps and busting some common suppressor myths than him. Take a look at the video.

As you can see suppressors do not adversely impact the lethality of a weapon when it uses standard ammunition. Truth be told, this is probably a myth about suppressors that comes from people playing too much Call of Duty, which imposes a damage penalty on suppressed weapons.

Sources: USMC, Gunner Christian Wade, John McAdams, Funker530 – Combat Footage, 2nd Marine Division Combat Camera

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