Concealed Carry Clothing – S&S Precision 757s Jeans

Came across these average looking jeans from S&S Precision for concealed carry wear. First look of this jean, doesn’t come off as “tactical pants” like 511 products. (not putting down 511, love their stuff!)

Taking a closer look of these jeans, yeh, they’re not from Express for men or Levis comfort wear. They’re just plain hand crafted in the U.S.A. from 100% cotton denim, straight, relaxed leg for wearing with boots or running shoes. The development of the jean is for body comfort and mobility.

The jeans functionality is comfort and strategically hidden pockets – front internal pocket for stowing clip type knife out of view or keeping smart phone located high and to the outside of the leg, hidden pocket along the rear seam that is large enough for a rifle magazine or full-size pistol.

Internal Belt Retention – comes with internal belt retention strap, designed to reverse hook on internal belt openings, nothing clipped onto waistband or hanging over the waistband

757 Holster – injection molded thermoplastic elastomer holster fits most full size handguns to include Glock, Sig, etc. The holster is symmetrically designed to be ambidextrous, with contoured surfaces for maximum comfort and angled belt slot for a more aggressive tilt forward, perfect fit concealed carry holsters.

ssholsterw757jeansSecret Sauce
This is what S&S revealed in Soldier Systems Daily blog, the secret sauce is the patented Internal Belt Retention. It allows their removable, Inside the Waist Band holster, to be integrated directly into the pants via the internal belt retention strap. this belt retention strap is designed to reverse hook on the internal belt openings. It’s threaded through the holster which is designed for standard and canted carry and will fit many popular pistol models.

More neat things to know about are the two low profile rear pockets. Can accomodate a single 30 round 5.56mm magazine or a pistol for expedient carry. There are also internal pockets set into each of the two front slash pockets. These pockets can house handgun magazines, cell phone or a clip style tactical pocket knife. The knife won’t show like with an external pocket clip and neither will the handgun mag will fall down into the bottom of the front pocket.

This still gives you an idea of the draw from concealed carry with the 757’s jeans. The 757 jeans are prewashed, shrinkage on the raw fabric is roughly 4%. However, S&S warns to never wash jeans in hot water. Wash by hand is the preferred method to retain its color. Also, do not machine tumble dry, air dry is best. Currently, 757 jeans are only available for men. Women 757’s are in the works and coming soon, so are 757’s Shorts, stay tune for more to come.

From a perspective of someone that doesn’t want a tactical look, but just a Joe average from the street, I’d highly recommend getting one. Or maybe you’re into having a bunch of cool hidden pockets to store all your electronic gadgets, get a pair. Here’s S&S special offer below.

Pre-order special: $128.97 for one pair of 757s with Holster. That’s a great price for Made in USA pants that include a holster, go here to order.

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