Slow Motion of this Crazy Muzzleloader Explosion

A crazy muzzleloader explosion video has been posted online, but now it is in slow motion.
Social media has a way of spreading viral content like a wild fire in a desert. And the video below of the exploding muzzleloader on the range is gaining a lot of attention.
For good reason, as it is a pretty insane video. The shooter should consider himself very lucky that things didn’t end any worse than it already did.

The slow motion clip makes the video all the more frightening and crazy. I’m still not sure what caused it, and we don’t want to speculate on anything without knowing details. All we know is that things like this happen, and when they do, you just hope the injuries are something that can be fixed.

One comment under the video said, “And that is why I shoot bows and arrows.” An interesting take for sure, but it is a likely chance that this fella may be a little leery of pulling his next trigger.

Sources: I Love to Hunt Facebook, Colton Bailey