Most Epic Elk Tumble

This giant elk takes epic tumble down the side of steep mountain.
It’s rough country. That’s no secret. The hunters who successfully hunt elk are typically well-prepared for the fact that they will face some interesting terrain throughout their endeavors.
That may involve spotting and stalking up and down the mountains of Colorado. It may involve spotting scopes and long-range shots in big sky of Montana.

Heck, it could mean 20 degrees with a foot of snow one day and 70 degrees the next. Likely, it’ll fall somewhere in between all of those. For these hunters, it meant a long-range shot on a great bull. Unfortunately, this bull was on a steep hill. And these hunters paid the price, don’t think they thought of dragging this out.
Fortunately, according to the post, none of the rack was broken during the tumble down the hill. How would you like to pack out that sucker? As the caption says, be careful where you pull the trigger. Hopefully there’s a trail in the bottom of that valley!

Sources: Tinesup Instagram, Reid Vander Veen