Shooting on the Move

There are many gun schools out there that teach “shooting on the move”. However, there aren’t many that advocates a pragmatic approach such as Graham Combat. CEO Matt Graham of Graham Combat offers a collaborative way of learning. Matt is there to teach you because he has a vested interested in teaching you to survive, everybody learns together. It’s not a school where you go there to train, but come to learn and leave with new sets of materials to play with or work on for the rest of your life.

This short video on “shooting on the move” is not meant to be sophisticated, but simple. As Matt puts it, “Each of you was walking long before you got here to me today – and you were doing it moderately successfully…Don’t make this more than it is. All you’re doing is shooting on the move.”

The key takeaways that makes sense here is the length of the step that you take. The longer the stride the more it affects your front sight, the shorter the step, there is less front sight movement. (up and down) As always, Matt gets directly to the point. For more information on Graham Combat courses, go here.

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