Shooting a 1911 Pistol Wrapped With Ranger Bands

That’s Rubber Bands


What happens if you wrap a Ruger SR1911 pistol with Rubber Bands? How many rubber bands will it take to cause the 1911 pistol to malfunction? Is one rubber band powerful enough to stop the slide from functioning properly? Will this create an over pressure situation and kaboom the 1911 pistol? This has been suggested by viewers on multiple occasions and seemed like a fun video to do! This is a wacky function test.

Video Transcript

Alrght dudes yo this is mattv2099 here I am back in 2016 this is the first video I will create at my new compound, and this year is the year of the clipteen nineteen-eleven brand glock

We are fortunate enough to have a limited-edition vickers tactical ruger SR1911 So this video here is to commemorate Larry vickers and his firearms channel, which was without question the fastest-growing youtube firearms channel in the last year from shotshow to shotshow. Without question. (Even if I can think of three or four channels that grew faster). So we’re gonna take out Larrys vickers tactical 1911 (see that. It’s a limited edition from Ruger). Last year we did the glock rubber band video, which was an outrageous hit because of how dangerous of an operation it was. Everyone thought that I should’ve engaged the safety, that they should take my guns, it was just the most insane operation ever to be conducted, operationally. Smithsonian-level operation. So this year we’re gonna recreate that operation even more dangerous because we’re using a 1911-brand glock.

In order to commemorate this operation, I’m going to present Larry with a custom limited edition Matv2099 postcard and I sent him a letter, here. Youtube operator’s a real operator.

First thing you wanna do any time you gotta operate a firearm is you gotta lube that firearmazine. We’re gonna do that real quick. Looks like we’re put together all properly. Yep looks all good. So we’re gonna use the Vicar’s Tactical Inc favorite gun oil here. Got some of this here Crisco clean. Yep just gonna put this on here. Just liberally wipe that thing down. Crisco clean. All over the outside, that’s all that really matters, we’re tryin’ to make it shiny, look cool. Don’t care how well it operates.

I’m gonna show you a couple of the Vicar’s Tactical features: First is the uh, custom engraving ‘Vicker’s tactical’ and ‘Limited edition’ on both sides. We have mil-spec grips. The magwell has deep machining grooves in it, so if your hands are bound you can saw your way through any rope. That’s a special operator’s trick. So that’s pretty much it. Other than that it’s just a regular SR1911 Ruger. We are fully-loaded, we have mil-spec ammo, mil-spec rubber bands, and a mil-spec knife just in case the operation goes bad.

So what’s the point of this operation?
We’re gonna see how many rubber bands it takes to disable this glock. So put in a comment below to see how many you think it’s gonna take. So what I mean is, we put a rubberband on it or two or three, then we test and see if it still functions properly, like cycles. So we’ve got two rubberbands here. Oh this is dangerous. Note that I am not putting any part of my body in front of the muzzle. That would be crazy-dangeorus.

So, lookit that. We have rubber bands, two of them wrapped twice, around the muzzle of this glock-teen-11. So let’s shoot this badboy and see if it functions, and chambers a new roundazine.

Oh this is so dangerous. Let’s do this. This is a scary gun, kind of a real man’s gun. Oh it didn’t shoot! Oh it’s got one of those stupid safety things there, let’s take that off.


Oh lookit that, it worked. It chambered a new roundazine. We’re gonna engage our safety. When you engage a safety on your gun, it effectivly means you can stop using your brain. It enders your gun into toy status. (That’s not true, don’t believe that. Always shoot your firearm like it’s crazy dangerous). Ok, let’s put more rubberbandazines on there. Oh this is crazy dangerous, Don’t ever do this. You gotta be a trained Youtube operator to do that. You need at least a hundred videos on Youtube, maybe two hundred before you can do this. Disingage our safety. See how powerful that last bullet was, it knocked the target down.
Woah, see that flinch? That’s how scared I am. Hardcore flinching.
Oh dude it didn’t work.
Oh it didn’t eject! Two rubberbands,failure! vickers Tactical, it never ejected the spent casing! So you know what that means! I’m gonna try one rubberband, you’re kiddin’ me. The glock was able to function with a whole ton of ’em! Ok let’s try one rubberband on the vicar’s tactical glock 1911. The glock-brand-glock was able to withstand at least eleven-eleventeen of ’em.

Ok, one rubberband! Safety off.
Oop! It chambered the next one!

I cannot begin to remind you how dangerous this is. THe gun could literally explode because the pressures can’t escape properly because of the rubberband. Could cause this gun to totally explode, send shrapnel everywhere.
And we’re back to two rubberbands, maybe that was a total fluke.
Total flukazine.
Ok, it worked that time.
Idunno what happened last time, I think that was just Y’know, when you have a brand-new glock, and you need ‘ta break it in. So you need to at least shoot it once.
Or maybe we need more crisco. That’s our favorite lube-brand lube.

Ok we have three rubberbands. On our Ruger vickers Tactical. Ok we are fully chambered, we are cocked and locked. Maybe if we break ourself it’ll work. “Break yoself fool!”

Ok, I saw it eject the round.

This gun could literally just go off and hit me. Gotta be real careful, don’t even try this at home. This is the most insane operation there ever was. Ok so, if you limpwrist it won’t work. Don’t limpwrist.
I didn’t hear a spent roundazine come out!
Oh it did work!
It totally worked, ok! There was a new one in. Give it two more rubberbands. We are cocked and locked. I don’t even know what that means, but 1911 people say that. I don’t know what the locked part means. This is the most dangerous part, this is a loaded firearm. I’m puttin’ rubberbands over the muzzle.

Alright dudes, let’s do this. You’re gonna break yoself fool? Consider it broken.
I saw it! I saw a spent roundazine. Dropped the clipazine. Put a fresh clip in. Two more rubberbandazines in. This is the most expensive video I’ve ever made, I think I’ve used eleven bullets? And the longest. I usually try to keep my videos at one bullet and two minutes long. Let’s do this.

Break yoself fool! [Bang]
This is like Steve Irwin versus a stingray at this point. I’m lucky to survive.
Ok two more.
Clinical proof that this is the best firearm. Alright dudes, one more round.
Wow look at all those rubberbands. Let’s try four more.
I think the .45 has all the stopping power. All the stopping power.
This is the most dangerous part. I have that glock knife on standby just in case.
Good thing for that serrated clipwell. Machining marks are really nice.
This is like, the most tactical thing in the world. Ok, four more? Or six more. Let’s do six more. Oh my goodness. Kay. I think it’s the mil-spec ammo.
Breakyoself, fool!
Wow, We need to step up our game. No firearm has ever functioned with this many rubberbands on it. It must be the .45 with the stopping power of such a brutal round. Supersonic deadly power. [bang]
I saw the spent shellcasing myself.
We have six more.
This is the crazy dangerous part.
I dunno how many rubberbands that is, but it shouldn’t function at this point.
Still workin’
I don’t get it, I’m gonna run outta ammo trying to disable this glock.

Alright here’s six more rubberbands. I think this is clinical proof that the 1911 does NOT effin’ suck, and is the best glock-brand-glock there ever was. The most tactical firearm ever invented. The most dangerous operation you’ve ever witnessed.
I’m not sure that it ejected it. There we go. We finally disabled the vickers Tactical Ruger 1911. Failure to extract due to Rubberband Overload. Too much rubberbandage, too much torque, I dunno how many rubberbands that is, should we count ’em? Yeah I think we should count ’em. This is how many rubberbands we put on ’em, now we’re gonna take ’em apart and count ’em.

Ok I counted thirty-three rubberbands, which is impossible, I always put an even number on. Currently the 1911 is the Rubberband world champion. The glock didn’t even handle half that many before it was disabled. Starting to believe that the 1911 guys are true, this gun truly has stopping power, is the best gun of all time, best concealed-carry gun, it’s the best gun possible. Be sure to subscribe to Larry Vickers, I’ll put a link in the description, put a link in the cards, all that stuff, go check out his channel, he’s got some pretty sweet-ass videos, uh operations the likes of which I couldn’t even imagine. Thanks! MattV Out.

Source: Vickers Tactical Youtube, MattV2099

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