Shield Tactical presents the unofficial rifle of the Republic

Shield-TacticalIn the year 1836, a free Nation was born. The people of this Republic possessed a spirit that can only be born of the crucible of hard fought freedom, self reliance and independence. The Texas Revolution and subsequent Independence from Mexico began when the first shots were fired in the city of Gonzales, just a few miles from Shiner, where Texas Black Rifle Co now calls home. This battle began when General Ugartechia sent 200 dragoons to confiscate a small canon in the possession of the Texans. This canon was central to the Texans’ self defense capabilities. Naturally, The oppressive Mexican government knew, in order to subjugate the Texans, they would have to take that gun. It was contemporary gun control. Here at Texas Black Rifle Co., we understand, history may not repeat itself but it always rhymes. It is with an eye toward the centuries old yet ongoing efforts of those who would oppress free people that we craft each of our Texas Black Rifle Co Model 1836’s. To remind free men where we have been and where we are still willing to go. Come and take it! Visit

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