SEAL 1 introduces its New Muzzleloader Line at the Shot Show.

Scott Lee developed and manufactured numerous products that changed muzzleloading to include Bore Butter, Wonder Lube 1000 PLUS, Natural Lube, EZ Clean, Wonder Patches, Wonder Wads, Remington Wonder Lube and many more.

SEAL 1 Muzzleloader CLP PLUS is the next generation of products that will clean, lube and protect your muzzleloader.

The paste works as a great patch and bullet lube.

It is time to go to the next step use SEAL 1 Muzzleloader CLP PLUS for all your muzzleloading needs.

Muzzleloader CLP PLUS Benefits:

  • More rounds between cleaning
  • Increase Accuracy
  • Increase Muzzle Velocity
  • Decrease Standard Deviation
  • BioBased Non-Toxic
  • Works with all powders and pellets
  • Made in the USA
  • Clean Lube and Protect in one easy step
  • SEAL 1 never sells direct to your customer all sales go through dealers or distributors

MLP-4  4 oz Jar  Dealer $6.33 Retail $10.49

 MLA-6 Aerosol 6 oz. Can  Dealer $13.78 Retail $22.75

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