SCCY CPX 2 9mm Reviews

For those not familiar with the SCCY CPX-2, the pistol falls into the category of the Kel-Tecs and Ruger LCP/LC9. SCCY-2 comes in polymer frame with stainless steel barrel and slide. With its double stack magazine and double action in 9mm chambered, which is one of the most popular self-defense caliber in the U.S. The SCCY-2 straddle that line between a compact and a subcompact pistol. Small enough to conceal yet reliable and accurate.
Some Nuggets about it
SCCY double action trigger pull is at nine pounds according to the specs, some owners have measured it at around eight pounds on their pistol without any modifications.
The double-action-style trigger is considered by many to be an important safety feature as it is difficult to fire without a very deliberate action. (my finger is my safety, no pun intended)
Once you get accustom to this double-action trigger, the gun is very “shooter friendly” meaning you can easily hit the target.
Something to note, the grip is a little wider from front to back than a lot of sub-compacts because it must accommodate the hammer spring.
Unlike other small guns, the SCCY CPX-2 fills your hands (including the pinky) which helps in controlling the pistol better.
Ammunition Compatibility
Many SCCY CPX-2 owners have stated no problems running any ammunition from 115 grain full metal jacket to 148 grain poly coated bullets.

The majority of the shooters do agree that this pistol is pretty accurate, once you get used to the DAO trigger. Last Shot
The SCCY CPX-2 is not the most accurate handgun out in the market, but reliability trumps accuracy in a defensive handgun. If you want to shoot in bullseye competition, this is not the gun to go with, but hands down it is accurate enough for self-defense.

Torture Test

In the video below Youtuber Eric of VeteranIraq8888 takes the SCCY-2 to another level of durability testing – its his method of a torture test.
For those not familiar with the CPX-2 pistol is a double-action with 9-pound trigger pull. The grip and frame is made from Zytel polymer with ergonomic finger grooves and an integral “Re-Coil Cushion” on the back-strap.
I think one thing it certainly teaches us is that many guns are overbuilt with a high degree of safety and human error factored in.
This is a locked breech gun and I am honestly surprised it kept going despite everything we did to it.

  • First test was a drop in the water/mud
  • Placed in more mud & shot it underwater
  • Dropped the gun from the roof of house – approx 2nd floor
  • Run it over with a vehicle
  • Soaked in Aunt Jemima syrup
  • Lubed it with peanut butter
  • Soaked it in shampoo – different viscosity
  • Smeared in vegetable shortening

The only thing that could have disable the gun is to break the safety.
Overall, the CPX-2 did well. Can you think of what else could have been done to this CPX-2


Looking to get some Ammo, have a look below.

Looking to get some Ammo, have a look below.