Saiga-12 Full Auto Shotgun

Usually firearms fall into three categories.
First there are work guns for the public servant, hunter or for personal defense to protect your yourself and others or to feed your family.
Next are fun guns for plinking or use for competition.
Finally, there is a category for collecting unique guns that will turn heads at the range and for no other reason than to say that you own one.
nosler history
The Saiga-12 shotgun is one of those that could be in the personal defense department, but with it being a full automatic. This changes everything, this baby is in all categories.
Think the biggest thing about this Saiga being full automatic is just pure fun of shooting it, we all love things that goes full auto.
On the serious side of caliber the Saiga delivers 00 buckshot pellets and it comes with 30 round drum.

Or another way to look at it is.
If you have one shot with nine buckshot pellets, then a full-auto burst of 30 shots will yield an explosive 270 hits.
That is some serious firepower for close quarter that packs a punch.