Pocket Shot Pt 2: with Exploding Arrows

[su_heading size=”30″]The Pocket Shot is an amazing little gadget[/su_heading]

and when you add exploding arrows to the mix it definitely heightens the excitement.

Slingshot hunting is a great method of survival training and can be traced back to post cave man days. Even in modern day this can come in quite useful, whether you’re surviving or just out plinking around. The Pocket Shot has definitely step up the slingshot hunting game, and when you add exploding arrows to the mix, obviously it can cause quite an impact on a target.

It’s an interesting concept, but as he says, it is definitely something that you want to approach carefully, both in the sense of wearing more safety equipment (eyeglass protection) than he did while testing out exploding arrows, and in the sense of checking with ATF to ensure that everything you’re doing is up to standard.

by Chris Buckner

Source: Royal Nonesuch Youtube

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