Concealed Carry for Women’s Leggings

[su_heading size=”30″]Functional Concealed Carry Wear[/su_heading]

Sooner or later concealed carry would find its way into the women’s fashion world for self-defense. Leggings with a holster sewn into the waist combine the current fashion trend with function.
One of the biggest complaints about women’s design is the lack of pockets. Where’s a they supposed to hide her pistol? What if she’s not the kind to carry a purse while headed out for errands?

Enter Undertech Undercover, they have developed not only a solution to the problem of pockets, but has developed pockets designed for concealed carry into the popular leggings.


Word has it from the Glock store that some of their employees had a chance to try out Undertech Undercover’s concealment legging for testing. The testers stated, “the leggings were comfortable, breathable and there wasn’t any discomfort in the wear”.

What’s cool about leggings is that it can be worn seasonally in the warmer climate or and cold climate. Obviously, the leggings can be integrated into any wardrobe, can be worn with dresses or casual pants, leggings are functional for concealed carry.

Source: UnderTech Undercover, Randall Bonner

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