Pistol and carbine training with the AZ State Rifle & Pistol Assoc.

Noble with the 2 female RSO graduates: Phyllis & Lori

Editors Corner:
by Phyllis Gross – Editor ASR&PA Bullet Trap

Phyllis story1I thought about what would the ASRPA members like to read about regarding my participation in the gun community, as well as within ASRPA.  I participated in a meet-up group’s outings, last November that I thought might interest some of you.

The first one was a pistol training with practice and the second one was a carbine training with practice outing. Let me first share that I had a motorcycle accident in October 2013 that had my left elbow and arm in recovery, so I did not shoot at either event. Instead I offered my RSO (Range Safety Officer) services as well as my video and photography services.

Phyllis story4 I had taken the NRA RSO class with our ASRPA President in Sept. 2013 and passed. My RSO certification is my most recent accomplishment with the NRA qualifications. In that particular class, I was one of two females, the rest were male.

It was interesting to see the variety in age, skill set and guns at each event. I was impressed with the tag team teaching efforts of Steven and Jared. Steven is an NRA Certified instructor and Jared’s qualifications are TacTrain instructor endorsements. I really liked the style of both men as the tag teamed in the classes.

I was among 16 who attended the pistol training with practice on a private ranch’s range in the North Valley. It was different for me in that I had to keep an eye out for livestock, ranch dogs and ranch workers on the range, as well as keep a watchful eye on the shooters and instructors. It was a cold morning when we started and I was thankful I had packed gloves and a wool hat.

Phyllis story2The pistol meet-up training covered :
1.  Fundamentals of marksmanship
2.  Presentation
3.  Moving and Shooting
4.  Tactical and Speed Stress Reloading
5.  Malfunctions
6.  Position Shooting
7.  Engaging multiple targets

The following weekend was the carbine training and practice at the same location, with a few of the same attendees and a few new ones. I was again offering to be a RSO and photographer /videographer since I was not able to shoot the AR 15 that I had borrowed for the event.  I was one of 17 members,  for this event. It was nice to see the variety of ARs, AKs and a few 308s that I was not familiar with. The objective of this event is carbine training, with a strong emphasis on drills.  Material may include, but not be limited to, the following (time permitting):

Phyllis story31.  Fundamentals of marksmanship
2.  Moving and Shooting
3.  Tactical and Speed Stress Reloading
4.  Malfunctions
5.  Position Shooting
6.  Engaging multiple targets
7.  Cover and Concealment

I am excited about the upcoming events this summer that I am able to attend, volunteer or participate in within the state of Arizona. Ben Avery and Cow Town Range are now my most frequented ranges with events and tours. I love Tucson Outdoor shooting ranges as well. I have enjoyed gathering info and photos, as well as writing for this issue of our BT.

Phyllis story5  Phyllis story6

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