Gun Gear

Archangel Manufacturing • Booth #7548
The Archangel Quick Break-Down (QBD) stock easily converts standard Ruger 10/22 carbine models – note: does not apply to Ruger takedown versions – into a quick break-down design. The secret lies in the patent-pending adjustable steel toggle V-block clamp, which facilitates rapid barrel removal and installation. The innovative folding stock features integrated barrel storage, allowing the rifle to be stored in compact spaces and making it perfect for campers, pilots, and survivalists. Constructed of high-strength carbon fiber and glass-reinforced nylon polymer, the QBD embodies durability.


Velocity Triggers • Booth #11352
New from Velocity Triggers is the MPC Series for AR drop-in triggers. The MPC Trigger features a 3/8-inch-wide shoe that is positioned ½ inch forward of a standard trigger, allowing for faster target acquisition and more precise finger placement. The trigger shoes are interchangeable – one screw does it all – and are available in three shapes or styles: curved, straight, and straight with a finger stop, as well as a radius or a flat with serrations. Five color options are listed, including anodized black or red, or Cerakoted in flat dark earth, OD green, or pink.


New England Custom Gun Service • Booth #8217
A growing demand for tactical mounts and accessories was the driving force behind the design and development of New England Custom Gun’s ERATAC ( line of products. These German-made components are of the highest quality, built for the operator and serious sport shooter who demands the absolute best from their equipment. ERATAC’s T1 and T2 scope mounts feature the company’s Universal Interface System, which allows the user to accessorize the mount as desired. Picatinny rails, rings, folding back up sight systems, and the Ultralight T3 mount are also available.


Beyer Barrels
These premium-quality aluminum-alloy barrels are fully machined to precise, match-grade tolerances from exceptionally hard 7075 aluminum, which is much stronger than mild steel alloys. This provides all the benefits of a thick barrel and improves the heat distribution for better accuracy. These barrels range from 13 to 18 ounces – less than half of traditional steel barrels weighing up to 60 ounces.
Using a dedicated breech collar does away with the .223 adapter and the free bore the bullet travels before it contacts the rifling. The button-rifled Chromalloy steel liner features precise 1-in-16- or 1-in-9-inch rifling for excellent accuracy. The 1-in-9-inch rifling works well for 60-grain subsonic .22 LR ammo. A variety of finishes are available, including stainless steel, matte black, OD green and custom colors. Ceramic finishes are baked on and resist corrosion, scratches, and surface wear.
Beyer Barrels allow for greater versatility for long hikes, a full day at the range, and increased endurance for youth shooting and ease of use.


Knight’s Armament Company
Booth #11333
Developed in 2007, the SR-15 IWS Lower Receiver Assembly set the industry standard for integrating ambidextrous controls in modern sporting rifles. This complete lower receiver is ready for any Mil-Spec upper, making it the ultimate upgrade for any AR-15 enthusiast. Each SR-15 lower features Knight’s Ambi-Magazine Release, bolt release, and safety selector. Standard features include Knight’s KAC2 Stage drop-in trigger, SOPMOD Mil-Spec stock, one 30-round Mil-Spec magazine, two quick-detach sling mounts, and Mag-Block and Lock. Feature-rich, the SR-15 maintains its position as the best-in-class for AR-15 style lower receivers.


DacTech • Booth #6507
Have a desire to shoot better, improve your accuracy, and increase your reaction time? The Targetize rail-mounted motion sensor from DacTech provides you, the shooter, with vital information as to why you shoot the way you do, and then how to improve. The virtual coaching app, developed by ex-military and special forces, gives instant feedback to help shooters understand and visualize shot placement after each shot. Practice anytime – anywhere – with your favorite firearm while in one of three modes – live fire, dry fire, or CO2. App is available for iOS and Android devices.


Defiance Machine
Defiance Machine has spent the last nine years redefining the custom action market. Offering innovation, precision, complete customization, and unmatched customer service, Defiance stands as the nation’s premier bolt action manufacturer. And the new Tenacity stands strong as an example of their excellence in craftsmanship. The Tenacity is machined from the same steels as are the company’s popular Rebel and Deviant actions, and to the same high tolerances. The Tenacity package includes a 20 MOA stainless picatinny rail or Talley lightweight mounts, and recoil lug. With the Tenacity, it’s not a matter of options; it’s a matter of performance and perfection at an exceptional price.


Diversified Innovative Products, InC.
Fabricated right here in the US from aluminum bar stock, the HOWA 1500 Mini-Action replacement trigger guard/magazine well from Diversified Products is a one-for-one replacement for the plastic OEM magazine well. The redesigned magazine catch spring increases tension, meaning you’re less likely to accidently drop your factory mag. And cold-weather gloves aren’t a problem, thanks to the larger trigger loop integrated into the guard. This is a definite must-have swap out.


Bartlein Barrels
If precision is what you’re looking for, then Bartlein should be making your barrels. The Bartlein Team is comprised of experienced reloaders, shooters, and hunters; men and women who know and practice precision on a daily basis. These individuals pride themselves on uniformity, and can, if needed, carry a twist rate out to the fourth decimal point! So if a 1-in-11 twist isn’t working, how about 1-in-11.3642? It’s the difference between good and perfection, and the folks at Bartlein Barrels know how to make the difference. Trust Bartlein for all your barrel needs.


R&S Precision
The At One adjustable rifle stock combines modularity and classic looks into one striking aftermarket stock. The At One is a laminated wood stock, weighing in at less than 2 pounds, 13 ounces, with an adjustable length of pull as well as an adjustable cheek piece, making it extremely versatile. Multiple people can now quickly adjust and shoot the same rifle comfortably.
The At One is available in several colors, and is made for a multitude of different rifles. From hunting to bench shooting, the Boyd’s At One rifle stock will perform exceedingly well and look good doing it!


Precision Rifle Solutions
Precision Rifle Solutions offers another component to their already well-known Sniper Shooting Platforms (SSP1 and SSP2) with their Freedom Quick Release Mount (FQRM). The mount works between any tripod manufacturer’s threaded quick-release plate and a section of Mil-Spec Picatinny rail. Made from a solid piece of billet aluminum, the FQRM 1.0 accepts PRS’ small, medium, or large tripods, while the 2.0 Model is designed for the company’s XL model.


Spinta Precision
New from California-based Spinta Precision comes a 4.5-inch cold hammer-forged stainless 9mm barrel inspired from a legend, the Thompson submachine gun. Featuring a 1-in-16 twist, this wildly popular addition to the extensive Spinta Precision line is crafted of strong 416R stainless steel, and is available for those who wish in a 7-inch version. Offering a long line of quality products for the AR community, Spinta Precision was started with the goal to provide AR-platform enthusiasts with high-end components at an affordable price. And shipping is usually complete within 24 hours of the order. No more waiting days for Mister Postman!


Altamont Company • Booth #2504
The Altamont Company of Thomasboro, Illinois, is proud to announce they have recently become an official licensed product manufacturer with the NRA. Altamont prides itself on offering an extremely high-quality product at a most affordable price. From beautiful handgun grips to finely engraved screws to custom triggers, rifle stocks, and metal engraving, the craftsmen and machinists at the Atlamont Company have only your interest in mind. And everything’s made right here in America.


ArachniGRIP, LLC
Add safety and control to your semiautomatic pistol with the Slide Spider from ArachniGRIP. The Slide Spider is a patented one-piece adhesive grip wrap for semiautomatic pistol slides. The Slide Spider allows the shooter to increase control by way of an improved and more secure hold. Tactical advantages of the Slide Spider are many, including a better grip on the firearm under adverse, e.g. wet or extreme conditions. A variety of designs to fit most semiautomatic handguns are available; custom imprinting is also an option. Tested by an active military unit, the Slide Spider underwent extreme environmental challenges and was deemed reliable, even after 20,000 rounds.


Gentry Custom, LLC
The Gentry Quiet Muzzle Brake reduces felt recoil up to an incredible 85 percent, while directing noise and gases well away from the shooter. Installation does not alter the firearm’s velocity, accuracy, or overall performance. A quality brake, like the Gentry Quiet Muzzle Brake, helps reduce muzzle jump, allowing for faster, more accurate follow-up shots and less time spent in target reacquisition. Gentry Custom has installed thousands of their brakes, and are happy to do so. Or they can provide guidance, if necessary, to a qualified gunsmith. Available now are 5/8×24 threads for those factory rifles that support that thread pattern.


KynSHOT Incorporated
By now, KynSHOT is known for their hydraulic recoil buffers for the AR-15 and AR-10 platforms; however, the company also manufactures and markets the industry’s finest hydraulic recoil buffer for tactical shotguns. Tested and verified to reduce recoil by 75 to 90 percent, the KynSHOT buffer, available now for the Remington Model 870 and Mossberg Model 500/590, is an exceptional upgrade designed to turn an ordinary shotgun into a more efficient, smoother operating tactical or home defense piece. All KynSHOT recoil buffers carry the company’s one-million-cycle warranty.


New from Gemtech, the Shield is a quick-mount 5.56 suppressor built to handle the most extreme conditions and environments. Engineered for use on short-barrelled full-auto rifles, the Shield provides incredible sound reduction and flash mitigation. And at only 16 ounces, the Shield is one of the lightest suppressors on the market. Made of robust titanium and Inconel, a nickel chromium-based super alloy well-suited for use in extreme environments, especially high heat and pressure, the Shield is one tough customer.


Thordsen Customs
Thordsen Customs’ line of rifle stocks has long been recognized as the best option for featureless conversions in restrictive states such as California and New York. Until now, no featureless stock has existed for the popular AK-47 platform. Well, the times have changed, and Thordsen is happy to announce the release of their new AK Adapter for their now-famous FRS-15 Gen III Rifle Stock. Adapters are now available in several variations designed to fit any number of AK receivers, including Kalashnikov and Yugoslavian/Serbian variants. Stock kits come in a choice of black, flat dark earth, or OD green. Bring that AK out of the safe and back into service with Thordsen Customs.


JL Billet
Developed for use with all M-Lok-compatible hand guards and fore-ends, the JL Billet SPIK-R is an innovative barricade support and hand-stop made with the 3-gun shooter in mind. Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and hard black anodized, the SPIK-R allows shooters a quick and sure transition from barricades to on-the-run gunning. Featuring a carbide-tipped contact point for enhanced bite on hard surfaces, the SPIK-R offers rapid traverse and elevation adjustments, while also acting as a hand-stop, ensuring a solid grip when working targets downrange.


WMD Guns
WMD Guns made history in the firearms field with their Beast line of rifles, the world’s first NiB-X coated ARs. NiB-X is a proprietary nickel-boron coating process that permanently provides the optimal combination of hardness, corrosion resistance, and lubricity. Now, WMD Guns offers shooters the chance to get NiB-X on almost any rifle, handgun, or shotgun. With WMD’s Individual Coating Services program, you can affordably upgrade single components or entire firearms with NiB-X, Nitromet (Melonite), DLC, or EN Boron Nitride. Ceramics are also available as decorative topcoats. Protect your investment with WMD Guns.


Rio Grande Custom Grips
Rio Grande Custom Grips is proud to announce a new line of full-color imaged grips designed to fit the popular Sig Sauer P238. These new grips incorporated the RioGrip texture, a series of recessed ovals that provide a grip with more “bite” than do smooth contour grips, but without the sharp edges, e.g. checkering, that can catch on clothing. Rio Grande Custom Grips sells grips for the legendary 1911 full-size pistols and clones, Taurus PT1911, Beretta 92, 96, and M9 pistols, Blackhawk, Super Blackhawk, and Single-Six revolvers, and the popular 22/45 Mark III.


Lyman Products • Booth #7844
Pachmayr, a division of Lyman Products, is proud to introduce their new GuardianGrip, a revolutionary and innovative design for popular concealed carry revolvers. What makes GuardianGrip so unique is its patented finger extension. Simply press a button, and the spring-loaded finger extension drops out of the grip, effectively converting a two-finger compact grip into a controllable three-finger grip. Constructed of high-strength polymer impervious to weather, moisture, and chemicals, the GuardianGrip is contoured for easy use with speed loaders, and features an open backstrap for greater concealability. Enjoy the concealment of a compact grip, with the control of a full-size. Enjoy the GuardianGrip.


Nowlin Arms
Proven reputation. That’s the key when it comes to the work done by Nowlin Arms of Oklahoma. Proof? How about eight world championships, and 22 national titles, all won by competitors using Nowlin. And today, you can elevate your own 1911 to this level of performance with Nowlin’s ECM Match Grade barrels. Made from 416 rifle-quality bar stock, with ultrasmooth ECM rifling, 40 RC hardness, and an 8 RMS bore finish, Nowlin 1911 barrels deliver maximum accuracy. Nowlin’s unique precut barrel locking lug design ensures precise engagement, while centering the firing pin on the primer. Half-inch groups at 25 yards on a machine? That’s the Nowlin difference.


Cross Armory
The new Cross Armory Double Stack is an all-state legal magazine attachment that allows you to effectively carry two magazines in one. This innovative design allows for quick, easy installation and removal without causing any harm to the magazine itself. When reloading, the Double Stack has the advantage of faster reload times, even for the most inexperienced shooters. Simply extract the magazine, flip your wrist, and re-insert. Purposefully designed, the Double Stack angles the bottom magazine forward, providing balance to top-heavy pistols and allowing for improved accuracy.


YHM • Booth #10038
The Resonator, the latest exciting addition to the YHM line of products, is a .30-caliber suppressor designed to provide the shooter with an ultraquiet and lightweight, yet affordable alternative to heavier and more expensive units. Capable of serving on multiple calibers and host firearms, the Resonator uses a tubeless design crafted of heat-treated 17-4 stainless steel, along with a 718 Inconel blast baffle, to create a suppressor rated for full auto and capable of handling all of the challenging conditions today’s shooters might encounter. The new Resonator can accommodate calibers ranging from .17 HMR through the .300 Remington Ultra Magnum.


The TACCOM competition package for the new Ruger PC Carbine offers five key upgrades for the platform, including a magazine funnel, extended charging handle, solid buttplate, ultralight muzzle brake, and a user-configurable magazine release for “trigger finger” magazine detachment. These five improvements work in synchronicity, making the PC Carbine much more than merely competitive. Simply add the carbine, optics, and a fistful of magazines (SR9 or Glock) to the new TACCOM competition package, and you’re ready to go hot!


Torque Precision
The FC (Fully Compliant) Hook from Torque Precision is a fixed magazine compliance device made for use in restrictive states where assault weapon (AW) registration is required based on newly enacted legislation that reclassifies semiautomatic rifles with detachable magazines as AWs. Installation takes less than one minute, and allows owners to convert their Mil-Spec AR-15/10 rifles into fixed magazine rifles that no longer require AW registration. The FC Hook is not a work-around speed device, but rather a compliance device that requires a fully open action and a specific tool to replace any magazine in need of repair.


Kick-EEZ Products
To tame the bite of today’s high-powered rifles, shotguns, and muzzleloaders, it’s best to choose Kick-EEZ Magnum Grind-to-Fit recoil pads. Made of solid sorbothane, Kick-EEZ pads are some of the most comfortable and easily modified and customized recoil pads available today. Length of pull (LOP) can also be adjusted quickly, simply by adding one of the 13/8-inch pads. Kick-EEZ is a family-owned company headquartered in Woodland, Washington, in the heart of some of the finest deer and elk hunting in the U.S. The Latimer Family knows hunting, shooting, and firearms; most significantly, they know how to reduce recoil to manageable and comfortable levels. Try Kick-EEZ today. Your shoulder will thank you.


Match Grade Machine
Headquartered in Hurricane, Utah, the highly trained machinists at Match Grade Machine produce some of the finest custom gun barrels available to shooting enthusiasts today. Specializing in Thompson/Center Contender, T/C Encore, Savage, and Remage barrels, these skilled craftsmen and women take great pride in their workmanship and their industry-wide reputation for excellence. With unprecedented customization options and proven precision, both at the range and in the field, Match Grade Machine barrels are a must-have for anyone looking to wring the most out of the Thompson/Center rifle.


Little Crow Gunworks
Little Crow Gunworks of Spicer, Minnesota, began business as a builder of fine custom rifles. Today, however, the folks in the Upper Midwest carry a fine line of unique reloading and AR-building tools, firearm components, and optics, to include the Ruger American Lock Ring Wrench. The LRW is an all-steel, professional-grade tool for loosening or tightening the barrel lock ring on Ruger’s popular American Rifle. Removing the Ruger’s barrel is easy now, thanks to this well-built specialty tool. See the folks at Little Crow Gunworks for all your reloading and firearms needs.


Headquartered in Georgia, Tractiongrips has been specializing in precision-cut, self-adhesive grip overlays for firearms since 1999. Designed and manufactured right here in the USA, Tractiongrips offers an economical removable alternative to stippling, and is perfect for concealed carry or duty use. Their standard grips are made of a textured rubber material; however, many different types of materials are available, including a custom printed image option. Tested and proven by thousands coast to coast, Tractiongrips can help you get a grip.


Luth-AR • Booth #3420
Luth-AR, home of the Modular Buttstock Assembly (MBA), has just announced their latest addition, the Palm Handguard. This free-floating tube design features a triangular profile that conforms to the palm of your hand, giving you a comfortable yet secure grip on your AR. The vented version of the Palm Handguard provides a Picatinny top rail and KeyMod or M-LOK slots along both upper sides, as well as a row of slots on the bottom to accommodate accessories such as a bipod. Made of tough 6061-T6 hard anodized aluminum, the Luth-AR Palm Handguard adds a distinctive good look to an already outstanding weapons system.


Elftmann Tactical
The folks at Elftmann Tactical are excited to introduce two new products for the 2018 shooting season. The ELF Ultralight Aluminum Stock is the lightest metal adjustable stock available. Weighing only 5.2 ounces, the Ultralight offers incredible ease of adjustment over the full length of the buffer tube, as well as silent operation – no more noisy clicking into detent holes! The ELF AR-9 Match Drop-In Trigger was designed to perform. Specifically developed for 9mm and .45 PCC platforms, the ELF AR-9 uses aerospace-grade sealed bearings for an incredibly fast and smooth trigger pull. Installation can be done in minutes using your AR’s original hammer and trigger pins; adjustments can be made without removing the trigger from the lower receiver. Light. Quick. Easy. Effective. Elftmann. • Booth #12056 is a family-owned business located in south-central Illinois. With over 45 years of shooting industry experience in design, manufacturing, distribution and retail sales, has a well-rounded team waiting to fill your needs. Their commitment is to offer unique products at affordable prices. Whether you’re looking for magazines, rifles or shotgun stocks, barrels, hearing and eye protection, or other shooting accessories, the professionals at can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Visit their website today.


Unique-ARs • Booth #2511
Now available from Unique-ARs, the versatile Unique-Grip customizes the AR platform in a way no other grip does. This innovative accessory conforms perfectly to each shooter’s hand, regardless of size, shape, strength, or right/left dominance, resulting in reduced fatigue and improved performance, both on the range and in the field. Constructed of space-age polymers and weighing only 4.2 ounces, the Unique-Grip installs easily on all mil-spec AR platform rifles. Simply grip it, lock it, and the range is hot.

The Rook Muzzle Brake from Unique-ARs works to produce 60 percent less recoil when compared to a traditional A2 birdcage. The innovative asymmetrical side ports use the post-ignition escaping gases to offset recoil, while the upper ports help reduce muzzle jump. No ports on the bottom mean no dust blow-back when firing from the prone position. The Rook is available in both ½-by-28 and 5/8-by-24 formats, and both are made of strong 4140 black oxide finish steel.


White Oak Armament
White Oak Armament is now crafting barrels chambered for the hot new .224 Valkyrie. This new cartridge from Federal is the first to be designed around the Sierra .224 90-grain HPBT Match King bullet. With an advertised velocity of 2,700 fps, the Valkryie provide the long-range performance usually reserved for much larger calibers. At White Oak, they have been involved with high performance long-range wildcat cartridges for the AR-15 platform for over 15 years. Their professionals have the experience to help you get the most out of your new Valkyrie build.


Pickett’s Mill Armory
Pickett’s Mill Armory’s 7½-inch AR-15 Pistol/Short-barrel Rifle upper is exactly what you need to complete your next build. Chambered in 5.56 and .223 compatible, the 7½-inch compact barrel is easily concealable in a backpack or bag, so as not to draw unwanted attention. Onsite and ready, the KAK flash can direct muzzle flash and concussion away, without affecting velocity in any way. Each upper includes a 7½-inch 5.56 NATO barrel, 9-inch M-LOK or Keymod Free Floating Rail, and KAK Flash Can.


Own an AK? Then you need UltiMAK’s new M17 forward optic mount. Available for C39, C39V2, and RAS-47 AK pistols, the M17 replaces the piston tube and upper handguard assembly with a one-piece aluminum mount that clamps to the barrel. This lightweight, low-profile AK mount is based on the successful M1-B and M2-B UltiMAK AK mounts adapted to the AK pistols by Century Arms. Constructed of hard anodized 6061-T6 aluminum, the M17 allows the use of both tubular optics, e.g. Aimpoint, as well as the original iron sights. Get the new M17 – it’s as tough as the pistol it’s mounted on.


Available as either one- or two-piece configurations, all grips made by The Gripmaker are constructed of extremely durable urethane, a material that’s not only tough, but ages and colors much in the way ivory does. Each one-piece set includes a spacer; Rugers and other makes/models with an escutcheon screw will require the two-piece set. Have an odd-shaped grip frame? Send a tracing, and The Gripmaker will let you know if they have something to fit your particular need. Each set includes detailed fitting instructions, as well as tips on how to “age” your grips prior to use.


TBA Suppressors • Booth #2417
The Sicario is the new and improved version of TBA Suppressors’ QAS line of integral silencers for 2018. This two-piece, patent-pending quick-detach integral is not only quieter than its predecessor but disassembles for complete cleaning in under 30 seconds. No more menagerie of parts to manage! Simply use the factory magazine to disassemble the entire suppressor. The Sicario’s monocore is constructed of 2024 T-351 aluminum and is Type III for long life. And alignment is easy, thanks to the unit’s Fast Attach 28 thread-mount system. Keep the situation silent with the new Sicario.


Timber Creek Outdoors • Booth #3203
The Timber Creek AMBI Safety Selector is an easy-to-install drop-in replacement for the OEM safety selector on any Mil-Spec lower receiver. This ambi-safety comes with one long lever and one short, preventing any contact between the safety and your trigger finger. The modular aircraft aluminum levers, combined with the ability to choose either a 45- or 90-degree short throw, allows you to set the system specific to your shooting style. The AMBI Safety Selector is CNC machined in the USA, and is available in nine color options.


The B2 Skeletonized Extended Mag Release (SEMR) from Armaspec works to extend the length of the OEM release button, resulting in quicker mag dumps without the need to change the grip position. Compatible with 5.56/.223 and 7.62/.308 receivers, the SEMR installs in minutes using the included Allen style screws and wrench. Armaspec is a U.S.-based manufacturer of firearm accessories, primarily for the AR platform. The company prides itself on providing innovative products that offer a tactical advantage and – as evidenced by the $22 price tag on the SEMR – at an excellent price.


AXC Tactical
The Extended Mag Release from AXC Tactical is another in a long list of innovations from this Arizona-based company that prides itself on being a leader in the AR parts and accessories market. Designed to improve stability and function, thanks in large part to an oversized paddle and new ergonomic shape, the AXC Extended Mag Release means no more fumbling around trying to drop that spent magazine. Installation is drop-in easy. Get back in the fight fast, with the Extended Mag Release from AXC Tactical.


Huber Concepts
Need a custom trigger for your Remington 700? Something built specifically for the way you shoot? The professionals at Huber Trigger can do it. Built-to-order Huber Triggers are available in single-stage and two-stage designs. Each allow for multiple customization options including finish, safety, OEM bolt stop release, and pull weight, now starting at 8 ounces for single-stage builds. Better shot timing is guaranteed with Huber Triggers.