NRA Country Star Kevin Fowler Dishes on Guns And Hunting

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Kevin Fowler’s new album that was released on November 12.
Kevin Fowler’s new album that was released on November 12.

Article by Rachel Alexander, photos by NPG PR

I had a chance to interview country western star and hunter Kevin Fowler about guns, hunting and music. Fowler is one of the most popular country western stars in Texas, racking up 18 Top 5 singles, 10 of which #1 on Texas radio. A familiar face with NRA Country, he is not afraid to speak up about his support of the Second Amendment, hunting, and all things outdoors.

RACHEL ALEXANDER How did you get into country music?

KEVIN FOWLER I grew up around it, dad was a big fan. I wasn’t allowed to listen to rock music. I’ve been listening to Merle Haggard my whole life. I became a guitarist and played rock music to aggravate my parents. I got more heavily into song writing and wrote country music. Demos turned into gigs which turned into records. I never really set out to be a singer, just a guitar player, and didn’t have anyone to cut my songs so I cut them myself. I grew up in Amarillo, Texas and live in Austin now.

Kevin Fowler3R.A. How would you describe your music?

K.F. Good ole beer-drinking fun-lovin’ country mustic. It runs the gamut. People try to pigeonhole me as the beer-drinking music guy, but I have a lot of ballads. I’m kind of known for rmy hell-raisin.’ Pickup-driving, gun-toting – those are the kinds of guys that come to our shows.

R.A. What is different about your music compared to other country western stars?

K.F. Texas artists do their own thing. I have a lot of freedom in my music. I’m not dependent on radio or video, I’m just depending on my fan base from touring. I can write music that I really believe in. I wrote a song called Guitars and Guns. It will be on the new record that’s coming out. It’s about my heritage, my dad handing down me down my first shotgun.

R.A. How connected are you to the Nashville scene?

K.F. Nashville … I’m always there doing one thing or another. A lot of the business and the industry is still done there. It’s the national scene.

R.A. How did you get into shooting?

K.F. I was born in May, and in September my dad took me on my first bull hunt. It was up in Colorado, the whole famly went, it was a family affair. Fishing, outdoors, and shooting was all part of the family deal. We skipped school every first week of Setember. We stayed in a tent, even mom. I still live like that; I keep my bow on the road, bow season opens tomorrow.

Kevin Fowler3R.A. What kind of shooting do you like to do?

K.F. I’m a fan of the lever-action rifle. I like old model 94s, Winchesters and Marlin lever-action.
I spent too much time watching Gunsmoke and The Rifleman.

R.A. What do you use to shoot when you go hunting?

K.F. An ironsided 30-30 for hunting, or a bow. I shot my first elk earlier this year with my dad.

R.A. What do you hunt?

K.F. I like to chase just about anything that will run. Quail, goose and duck hunting growing up. Deer hunting, hog hunting, and elk. Next year I’m going to the East Cape of Africa in September. There’s a giveaway to win the trip with me. Go to to enter.

R.A. What was your most memorable experience hunting?

K.F. It was my first deer, a little whitetail doe. It doesn’t have to be a big trophy, just a great hunt, hunting is more about your buddies. Camaraderie, hanging out with my family and friends. That’s what you really love about it.

R.A. You’re a member of NRA Country. What are your thoughts on the Second Amendment?

K.F. I’m a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment. I don’t believe in giving an inch when it comes to gun rights. There’s enough gun laws already, just enforce the ones that are already there. Criminals will always have guns so why can’t I? I could talk all day long about this!

R.A. Any future plans?

K.F. I would like to get involved in cowboy action shooting. I love old west firearms. I’ve got a brand-new record coming out November 12, and my new single and video just came out. The album is called “How County Are Ya?”  We tour nonstop. Check out more at

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