New Beretta APX design to Win the Fight – will this outgun Glocks?

The Beretta APX pistol is making its debut, and it’s sure to make inroads with military and police users around the globe. Yes, it is another striker fire type of pistol that Glock spearheaded into the market.

Here’s a sneak preview at the Beretta APX pistol, a modular polymer design that is making the competition stand up and notice. The commonalities that everyone needed in a pistol were:

  • Reliability and Durability
  • Ergonimics
  • Trigger
  • Modularity

Designed by a gun maker who intimately understands the needs of elite military and police tactical units, the Beretta APX pistol has gone through over a million rounds of live fire testing – rigorous trials by military and police firearms experts who know their business has influenced the design and proven the concept.

This striker fire operated pistol will be available in a range of popular calibers and is specifically built to reduce felt-recoil and improved sight tracking will ensure experienced shooters get accurate rounds on target quickly; especially when a high volume of fire is needed.

April is coming fast, so keep your eyes out for this new gun from Beretta, and newest exciting edition to the polymer gun lineup.

Due out on Apr 15, 2017

Video Transcription

Hi I’m Chappy with EAG Tactical. I’m here today to talk about the Beretta APX Pistol. Beretta designed a striker-fired pistol because of a need in the market. As you probably already know, the world over, professional users are switching or have switched to striker-fired pistols. The double-action, single-action platform for semiautomatic pistols is not dead by any stretch of the imagination, however the striker-fired pistol has taken over the professional user market. It’s not as important to be the first to market as it is to be the best on the market, and that was beretta’s philosophy when they began the development of this pistol. The APX striker-fired pistol project began as it should have, with extensive research into wat exactly end-users need. This research occured before any chips were cut, before any drawings were done, itentifying the features and performance that the gun had to have to fulfill a wide variety of missions.

The missions identified were the Armed Citizen CCW, the uniformed police officer, the tactical police officer, and the military. Knowing who the end users would be allowed Beretta to do directed, focused research on what users in each of those communities needed. This allowed the team to bring this research back, and then find areas of commonality. These commonalities boiled down to four things:

Reliability and durability, ergonomics, the trigger, and modularity.

In order to optimize the pistol, Beretta devised a dual-track testing protocol. The first track of testing is in the Labratory. It’s a very traditional gun-industry way to test a product, however as we all know as end users, what occurs in a lab is very isolated, and it doesn’t involve the input of actual end users at every stage of the development. So the second track was a way to test the product in the field. They did this through round robin sessions around the country with all levels of end users at every phase of the project. What this allowed for is no problems got buried. Hundreds of thousands of rounds got expended testing each variation of the gun. End users used the striker-fired pistol for a variety of reasons, all of them valid. First and foremost is consistency of trigger press. Having the same pressure and distance of travel, both for the trigger press and the trigger reset, allows professional users to train new people much quicker, it also allows for a much more rapid first-shot engagement, and follow-on shot engagements.

Striker-fired pistols also allow us to generally shoot a little bit faster. And while accuracy is paramount in a gunfight, accuracy is not everything. A balance between speed and accuracy is required. For five-hundred years, the company’s manufacturing capabilities have been fused with the understanding that people’s lives depend on the product. Not only was the end user involved deeply in every step of the development process, Beretta was able to bring to bear their worldwide technological capability in manufacturing. This unique combination of design and manufacturing capabilities is so important, because a robust, reliable, and accurate pistol is a lifeline for Beretta’s end users.

Sources: Beretta, Andy Van Loan

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