Natalie Foster – Women Presences in Gun Community

Natalie Foster
Natalie Foster is a trendsetter and an innovator, her website Girls Guide to Guns ( highlights this, but please don’t go just yet. The website is a blog, but a combo of Vogue and Guns & Ammo. Really clever way of educating women about firearms and the firearms industry. There’s highlights of who’s who (females) that are gun enthusiasts.

Foster is the NRA news commenter that caters to women, military and politcally-minded. When asked why did she get involved in such a male dominated industry. She states, “I felt like there were women out there who were interested in firearms and in fashion and in current events and in pop culture and in those kinds of things and there really wasn’t a platform for that at the time,” and added, “There was really no one talking about all those elements that come together to make us who we are.”

So Foster filled this gap by serving to this audience that was under valued, this was the reason of the creation of Girls Guide to Guns. This website serves as a resource for female shooters and gun enthusiasts.

Foster role as a female gun writer evolved from straight journalism to the author with deep opinions, in this case its the Girl – not the gun – taking center stage.

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