MGM Target’s New Sportsman Series

MGM Targets
Sportsman™ Target Series

Inspired by over 20 years of industry leadership with MGM Targets’ extensive product line of premium steel targets, MGM proudly announces the MGM Sportsman Target series.

The Sportsman series integrates MGM’s world renowned reputation for premium steel, innovation and reliability into a budget-minded series of versatile AR500 steel targets designed to appeal to all shooters and skill levels. From novice, to seasoned hunter or competitive shooter, The Sportsman series targets are perfect for family outings of plinking or a day of serious work at the range, the Sportsman series incorporates durability, and simplicity for easy set-up, transport and storage in to affordable products to last for generations.

As with all MGM products, The Sportsman series is entirely made in America. The introductory components of the series include three versatile target systems, The Sportsman Long Range Target, Sportsman T-Post Target and Sportsman Gong Target in various sizes and all suitable for center fire pistol or rifle use up to 7.62 NATO rifle rounds. These designs also allow for use with .22 LR firearms with the anticipated ring from each hit of the smaller .22 round and exceptional target action from larger calibers.


SPLRT10wflag_800 (Medium)Sportsman Long Range Target

Delivers versatility on a budget. The Sportsman Long Range Target kit is the latest innovative solution for long range shooting which handles it all – Rifle rounds up to .30 cal and all standard defense calibers of center fire pistols as well. The MGM AR-500 hardened steel suspended from its UHMW pendulum gives the target tremendous swinging action when hit. The target’s bracket simply slides over 1/2″ re-bar which is then fitted in to the included Last Stand brackets and 1/2″ rebar stand/legs. The brackets offer a stable system and allow full adjustment for target bar and leg length on uneven ground. Choose target sizes, 4” 6″, 8″ 10″ and 12” diameter. Custom shapes and sizes are available on request – Call for pricing.  Set includes one Sportsman Long Range Target assembly, one pair leg brackets.
MSRP $95.95 – $133.95


 Sportsman LR Target Flag KitSPLRT4681012_500 (Medium)

Provides certainty in confirmation of longer shots. Improving on the popularity and function of the budget-minded, Sportsman Long Range Target, an optional hit indicator flag kit is also available. The lightweight metal ‘flag’ attaches to the target bracket and ‘flashes’ at the shooter when the target is hit. Kit includes replacement longer bolts and additional nuts for attachment.
MSRP $23.98


TPOST1214.1_800 (Medium)The Sportsman T-Post Target

The AR500 target hanger, slides over your T-Post (available at most home improvement or farm supply stores for less than $5.00). The 3/8″ AR500 target plate hangs from durable fire hose material and swings when hit—Perfect for long range training…There’s no questioning hits on these targets. Available in 4” 6″, 8″ 10″ and 12” diameter targets. Custom shapes and sizes are available on request – Call for pricing. Set includes: Target assembly, brackets, arm, hanger.
MSRP $168.50 – $197.50


Double “T” retrofit kitTPTHdouble2_800 (Medium)

Optional second arm and target assembly turn one The Sportsman T-Post Target in to a Double “T” on a single T-post. Kit includes target assembly, rear bracket, arm hanger, extended length bolts for attachment.
MSRP $142.60 – $171.60




The Sportsman Gong Target

Simple, and reliable… A 10 inch round, 3/8” thick, laser cut, premium AR500 steel target with ample large radius ‘ears’ to securely suspend it from the shooter’s own frame or other structure. Often suspended from chain or rope, this target is reliable and economical, giving the shooter the best opportunity to maximize their funds with numerous premium MGM targets for the least cost. Easy to store, transport and gives a resounding tone when struck.
MSRP: $53.60 single – includes delivery to US addresses. Additional plates up to 10 total in same order: $33.66 each, delivery included. Custom shapes and sizes are available on request.
Call for pricing.


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