Marines Ditch The M16, What?

Marines call to switch from using the M16 to the M4

[su_dropcap style=”light” size=”5″]M[/su_dropcap]arine leaders have made the momentous recommendation to ditch the iconic M16 in favor of the M4 carbine as the new universal weapon for infantrymen.

The recommendation to swap the venerated rifle that has served as the grunt’s primary implement of war since Vietnam now sits on the commandant’s desk, pending his final review and a decision. But, the swap appears imminent and if approved will relegate the M16 to a support role. It follows a similar shift already underway in the Army.

Sgt. Jeremy Wellenreiter, a primary marksmanship instructor with Weapons Training Battalion, fires an M4 carbine at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va. The commandant is expected to decide whether all Marine infantrymen will switch from the M16 service rifle to the M4. (CPL. DANIEL WETZEL – MARINE CORPS)

With the endorsement of several major commands already supporting the switch — including Marine Corps Combat Development Command; Combat Development and Integration; Plans, Policies and Operations; Marine Corps Systems Command; and Installations and Logistics — final word is possible in weeks or months.

“The proposal to replace the M16A4 with the M4 within infantry battalions is currently under consideration at Headquarters Marine Corps,” according to a jointly written response from the commands provided by Maj. Anton Semelroth, a Marine spokesman in Quantico, Va.

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