Man gets Backlashes on how to Protect yourself

From an Active Shooter Scenario
We obviously have a problem in the United States with school shootings. There is no easy answer but easy for many to point fingers at the opposition for the cause, usually after the facts.

Whats important in the school settings is to provide protection of our children. This man on Facebook offered some protection tips that he thinks might help.

In his video on Facebook he suggests using textbooks already inside a student backpack can offer some protection.
He goes on to demonstrate with various calibers of firearms showing that with 3 normal size textbooks, its possible to stop some of the bullets.

Well, as you know in the divided United States, everyone has an opinion. This is gaining serious discussion in the social media, obviously these are not coming from an official representative.
Unfortunately, there are many negative comments of this good citizen with good intention.
People seem to be insulted by the video, but this man and no one else is claiming this will save everyone’s life.

These type of dialogue goes on and on.
Everyone is forgetting that this person is only offering to use the available resource to help protect the student.
Anyone that know guns will understand its better to have something than nothing for protection.
Another to note is of course we’re not going to give our child a full body Kevlar suit to wear to school.

The main takeaway from this video is seeing the turmoil and different groups as Americans. Seems like we’re all arguing for the sake of arguing, without taking account what the other side is actually trying to say.

Lets be forgiving for this guy who’s only intention was to help people by showing people that a couple books might be able to save a life in this situation yet people jump to social media and are bashing him for being an idiot.

What do you all think?, Let us know below.