Magazine Fed Mossberg 590M makes a Splash at ShotShow

Now you can really get some!
Mossberg’s new Model 590M has a detachable box magazine.
which many shotgun addicts are talking about.

Check out the all-new Mossberg 590M Shotgun in the video below:

YouTuber Big Daddy Hoffman 1911 got a chance to take this Mossberg’s for a test run.

Not only does this shotgun feature detachable box magazines, but you can get it with a 20-round or 15-round magazine.
The mag has ambidextrous release.
Certain models comes with Ghost Ring sights.

The market looks fresh for Mossberg with detachable magazines. This Mossberg 590M will be very popular among the tactical-minded shooters and home defenders.
How many of you all want one?