Long Range Shooting with Leupold’s CDS

There’s a ton of advantages to having a CDS system. Leupold’s Custom Dial System® (CDS®) helps you easily compensate for bullet drop and make ultra-quick adjustments on the fly. You can customize your scope’s elevation dial to match your exact load, velocity, and conditions for unprecedented precision. All it requires is for you to range your target, simply turn the dial to the correct position, aim dead on, and squeeze the trigger.

The following video shows Fred Eichler using the CDS on a Rock River 223 rifle with Hornady 53 grain V-Max rounds as he sights in on targets at 400 to 600 yards while in windy conditions, have a look.

Video Transcription
You need to check it out, I wish every single one of my clients would have this on their scopes.

You know, shooting in the really windy conditions we have today, there’s probably a 20-30 mile an hour wind, and I’m shooting a wind-plex on this scope, so what’s nice: Along my horizontal line in this Leupold: I’ve got hashmarks that basically represent one Minute of Angle, so I’m able to adjust along my horizontal line for wind, and still hit dead-on. What’s great is, I’ve got Tim running the Leupold spotting scope behind me, and he’s gonna help me dope the wind with the wind-plex.

This is a Rock River 223 shooting a Hornady 53-grain superformance V-max bullets out of this setup. I just got this gun zeroed at 200, so now we’re gonna walk it out to 600-yards. Let’s do this.

Alright, that’s 300…


Let’s roll it to 400.


Alright, there’s four-hundred, now we’re just going to walk it out to 5. It’s literally that simple. All I’m doing, 500 yards is the 5 mark on my CDS, that’s all I have to do. If I was shooting at something at 450, all I do is put that distance right there, 4.5, that’s 450 yards. That’s how easy this is to use. We’re talking about long-range shooting now, with a Rock River 223.

Alright, I’m clear now all the way out to 500. The CDS has helped me hit every single time out of 500, now I’m going all the way out to 600 yards in this wind. Alright Tim, help me out with the wind, what do I need, buddy?

“Ten MOA!”

Alright, Ten MOA to the right, 600 yards. Let me fine-tune this bad boy. There’s our 600-yard target. [Shot, TING]


[Laughter] That’s awesome. Alright, I’m gonna go one more. That’s just, what, an inch off? Two inches?

“Yeah, you’re right on it, right on the middle there. With as gusty as it is, give it the same *indistinguishable*”

[Shot] [PING]

[Laughter] I love it! That is awesome! Thank you, man! That’s 600 yards. I don’t know if you could tell but we’ve literally got– what’d you figure out for value, 25?

“Between 25 and 30, but it’s gusty, so it’s hard to- it’s not consistent!”

We just hit– I just hit two out of three at 600 yards with a CDS Leupold dial Tim just dropped in five minutes ago.

“That’s awesome. That’s impressive.”

That’s sweet. Thank you man, that is a good time. What’s cool isn’t really– [fade out]

Sources: Leupold Optics Youtube, Fred Eichler

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