LifeCard .22LR has Everyone Talking about

This credit-card sized, single-shot .22 has definitely turned heads because of its discreet size and obvious concealability.

Trailblazer Firearms definitely got people talking with the announcement of the LifeCard .22LR recently. They recently put out this video that gives a somewhat better insight into the gun’s features.

This is likely one of those “love it or hate it” ideas for many firearms owners. Some will like the slim design of the LifeCard .22LR.

Others might opt for a more traditional derringer that might hold an extra round. You likely won’t find a firearms instructor who would advocate this as your only everyday carry piece, but as a “last chance” backup gun, this might get people interested.

One thing is for certain, you can’t say Trailblazer isn’t being innovative with trying to come up with a new firearms design!

Sources: Trailblazer Firearms, Travis Smola

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