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Laser Shot leads the world in firearms simulator systems development, manufacturing, and live-fire training facilities. Established in 1999 headquarter in Texas, has become the firearms simulator trainer for military, law enforcement and government agencies worldwide. Yes, there is the consumer version as well but with limited programs available.

Laser Shot provides a broad spectrum of environment for the shooters. Depending on the missions objectives whether for first responders to consumers, there’s something for everyone, here are some features:

  • Mobile and Classroom-Based Firearms Training Simulators with Virtual Targetry
  • Live-Fire Training Systems that Utilize Exclusive Thermal Shot™ Virtual Targetry
  • Crew Training Simulators with Realistic Crew Served Weaponry
  • Wide Range of In-House Designed and Manufactured Simulated Training Weapons
  • Live Fire Facilities Including 360° Shoot Houses and Firing Ranges
  • Integration of VBS2, the World’s Most Highly Adopted Military Training Software, into a LVC Simulated Environment

Basically, Laser Shot is a live firing simulator, you shoot live rounds at a screen. The screen displays different types of environment, can be a wooded area or urban terrain as you’re hunting for tangos. (Terrorist lingo from Ghost Recon)

If you’re familiar with the FATS (Firearms Training Simulator) , Laser Shots takes this to another level by utilizing live fire and a smart program that collects the information on shots taken with multiple factors. The intelligence of the program is viewed in the feedback (After Action Report) sessions that highlights all the shots whether it was a hit or miss against a stationary/moving targets, was the hit lethal or non-lethal. Has suggestions for the “Kentucky Windage” if taking those long shots with mild cross winds, etc…

One of the most popular course to run through is – The Digital Modular Shoot House.

Digital Modular Shoot House
This is a custom design close quarter shooting facility that matches any agency’s training objective and budget. The digital shoot house is a custom platform that integrates “Combat Technologies” which provides the shooter to interact in the 3D virtual world.

The Digital Modular displays the virtual layout that are life size projected onto a wall. The characters are programmed to react to getting shot at that are not lethal or whatever their objective was.

According to Colin Noir NRA Commentator, going through the digital shoot house takes the fun factor to another level when going to shoot your firearms. Instead of the boring shooting at the paper target at 15 yard. Go through the shoot house for 5 minutes, you’re bound to get your heart pumping quickly due to the immersible environment.

Here’s another snapshot of live operators going through the digital shoot house.

For consumer products you can visit Laser Shot, follow the link below. & Colion Noir NRA Commentator

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