iPhone Apps to Track Friend or Foe


During the conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan mobile apps have been used to track friend and foe locations. Raytheon, a military contractor, at the Intelligence Warfighting Summit in Tucson, AZ. One app called the One Force Tracker provides live data tracking the location of friends and foes on real-time maps. The app is used to communicate with other units.

The image above depicts multiple personnel of a military force or first-response team on a map displayed in One Force Tracker.

“Among several objectives, Raytheon wants to enable superior situational awareness for war fighters or for police, fire and rescue teams, enabling them to quickly make more informed decisions.”

Leveraging Apple’s rapidly growing mobile content and technologies, such as a compass, global positioning system, accelerometer, 3G networks, Wi-Fi and a multitouch screen. Raytheon has also designed other innovations for the device, including disruptive-tolerant networking, content-centric networking and augmented reality, incorporating security guards for tactical operations.

There are other apps fitted for rifling in ballistics, but this was design for the consumer. Enter BulletFlight for the hunter, this app helps sharpshooters work out how the wind and the rotation of the Earth will affect their bullet – and even predicts the wounds the enemy will suffer if it hits him. Snipers are using the ballistics program downloaded on to their iPhones to target the enemy over long distances.

Rumor has it that there are many other smaller apps that has been hacked for specific usage, one such technology is using face recognition to identify personnel up close and from a distance.

Source:Engagdget, TechGadget

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