Intoxicated Russian feeds Bear, Loses Arm

On August 15, 2017, a 42-year-old man jumped a fence at a roadside cafe and tried to feed some caged bears. One of the bear grabbed his arm and bit it off at the shoulder.

A man from the Shelekhov district of the Irkutsk region was seen in the distance on a closed circuit security camera jumping a fence to approach some caged bears. The man, Andrey Sakharovsky, was carrying a plastic bag with some cans of condensed milk which he had intended to feed to the animals, which are a part of the cafe’s roadside attraction.

Sadly, Sakharovsky got his arm inside the cage where one of the big bruins grabbed it and would not let go.

The cafe’s chef, Gabil Guseinov heard the man’s screams and ran to the scene with a shovel to try and help. He can be seen in the video using the spade to ram the bear.

Guseinov said,

“It was very, very scary, I would not wish it on anyone”
The bears named Masha, Misha, and Sasha have lived at the cafe since they were cubs. A local police spokesman said now that it is likely that the three bruins will be put down after having tasted human blood.

Sources: GrinkdTV, Police of Irkutsk region Youtube, Craig Raleigh

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