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Interview by Steve Joseph ⋅ Photographs by Michael Bensayan

[su_dropcap style=”flat” size=”3″]T[/su_dropcap]he American Shooting Journal reached out to Michael Bensayan, the inventor of Weaponeye, a device mounted to the front of a handgun that records exceptional video and sound. This device has been touted to be exactly what law enforcement needs to show the whole story during times of intense stress and critical life-decision-making situations.

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American Shooting Journal What is Weaponeye?

Michael Bensayan Weaponeye is a compact, under-barrel attachment for pistols that contains an HD camera, laser sight and flashlight. It is currently made for specific Glock handguns, but we plan to expand Weaponeye to other models and brands.

AMSJ How did you come up with this idea?

MB I watched several court cases involving cops and firearms. Many of these cases were not very clear, and the outcome was catastrophic for people and the community involved.  Some of these proceedings triggered riots that cost taxpayers a fortune in damages, and sometimes worse: the deaths of loved ones. Those situations might have been avoided if someone simply had a camera and recorded what really happened. After some thought, I decided to put the camera onto a gun.

AMSJ Who are some of the companies or people using Weaponeye now?

MB We have several international law-enforcement agencies to include the Dominican Republic, Brazil and the Bahamas, and closer to home, security officers, business owners and many US citizens.

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AMSJ How are you received at gun shows?

MB We’re a respected brand and are considered a pioneer in the eyes of today’s gun enthusiasts. Both vendors and the public often visit our booths just to hear the benefits and features of the Weaponeye unit. Our video display at shows depicts the Weaponeye in action, as well as the camera feed. There are always people intrigued and watching.

AMSJ What kind of feedback have you received?

MB Most people immediately remark on the superb quality of the video and audio. They also feel that the position of the camera is perfect because it is on the front of the gun, cannot be covered or pointed away from the subject. Weaponeye will always be recording towards the target.

We currently have an extensive waiting list for future Weaponeye models that will be made for other gun and rifle models.

I am constantly being told, “Finally! Something has been created to protect responsible gun owners and law enforcement.”

Many have said that if law enforcement carried a Weaponeye, many cities could have avoided riots and saved millions of tax dollars by showing what really happened. ASJ

Editor’s note: If you are interested in Weaponeye or want to know more about them, you can visit

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