Illegal Gunsmiths cranks out Bootleg 1911 Pistols

Handmade, bootleg 1911 pistols are all the rage in the Philippines.
Illegal gunsmith families crank out these pistols in secrecy.
The video below shows us how bootleg 1911 pistols are made and distributed in the black market in the Philippines..

In a video by Underworld Inc., we learn what a real ghost gun is.

In the Philippines, whole families are employed to illegally manufacture Colt Model 1911 pistol clones. They work in hidden workshops with crude tools to turn out descent pistols for paying customers. Their work is surprisingly good, and they do this to feed their families. Buyers line up for these untraceable pistols.

The idea that banning guns will make them disappear clearly isn’t practical. Hidden workshops will build guns wherever they’re banned.

Sources: Underworld Inc., RandomVidz Youtube, Eric Nestor