Hunting Pistols for the Unconventional Hunters

When we talk about deer hunting everyone usually thinks of going out with a rifle, bow or a shotgun to hunt with. What you don’t hear much (if you’re not into hunting) about is hunting with a pistol.
Depending on where you live hunting with a pistol is considered the “unconventional firearms” category. If you’re lucky enough to be in such areas, here’s a list of pistols that you can check out for hunting:

  • The Desert Eagle weighs 4 1/2 pounds, with that weight, along with its gas-operated action, makes it one of the more comfortable .44 Magnum handguns to shoot.
    Accuracy is seldom as good as some of the revolvers here, but it is good enough for bumping off a deer out to 100 long paces.
  • Freedom Arms Model 83

    This revolver is a single-action can chamber in .357 mag, 44 mag and all the way up to a 500. Barrell can be 4 3/4″ to 10″, has fully adjustable open sights and/or scope mount, plenty of power here with good accuracy. (5″ group at 100 yds)
  • Ruger Blackhawk & Super Blackhawk

    While the standard Blackhawk remains one of the world’s all-time great buys in revolvers for those who stick with open sights, hunters who prefer to use a scope are better off with the Super Blackhawk Hunter.
  • Smith&Wesson 29/629

    Hunters who mostly practices with .44 Special ammunition while reserving the .44 Magnum for harvesting a supply of venison will find either fully capable of surviving a lifetime of hunting and shooting. 

  • AK-47 Pistol

    Yes, it does come in as a pistol without the full stock which qualifies it as a pistol. This AK shoots the 7.62×39 which packs a powerful punch that can knock down a deer.
  • PTR91-38 Pistol

    This is based off of the Heckler & Koch type rifle, this comes in as a pistol version as well. With the .308 round, you can do lots with deer hunting.
  • Thompson-Center Contender

    Even though this is only a single-shot pistol, its extremely accurate and you can customize it with barrels and scopes. Can be chambered to shoot .17 HMR, .22 LR, .223 Remington, .30-30 Winchester, .44 Magnum, .45 Colt and .45-70 Government.

So this is a very short list, I’m sure there are other types of hunting pistols that we didn’t mention, let us know what you have below in the comments. Be safe!