Hot Woods’ “thermally modified wood” makes the best gun stocks

IMG_0571Tech Woods USA is a company that manufactures “thermally modified wood” for a number of end users.

Thermally modified wood is the result of taking normally kiln dried wood and putting it in an oven where the temperature is raised to the point where the wood is “cooked”.  This process stabilizes the wood thereby making it more like an inert material which doesn’t shrink or swell with changes in relative humidity and/or temperature.
In addition to much greater stability, the treatment also results in:
  • Lighter weight
  • Greater end strength resulting in less recoil for firearms
  • Color change which can vary from light to dark depending on the temperature of the treatment
  • Higher modulus of elasticity
  • Much easier machining
  • Less sanding
  • Fewer finish coats
Thermally modified curly maple rifle stock
Thermally modified curly maple rifle stock

We have successfully treated numerous species that are suitable for gunstocks and other end uses including red maple, sugar maple, red elm and birch.  Maple, treated at a high temperature, is often mistaken for walnut.  Highly figured wood such as curly maple, birdseye maple and flame birch are available.

Testing has been done, and is also ongoing at the University of Montana Wood Lab in Missoula.
Hot Woods owns the rights to patent # 8555521 which protects the use of thermally modified wood in the manufacture of gunstocks, musical instruments, hardwood flooring, doors and windows.
Hot Woods Team:
  • Ray Emery  – President:  Ray is a Registered Professional Forester in Maine with 35 years of experience in various aspects of forest related industries.  He is responsible for administrative duties as well as wood procurement and sales.
  • Marty Perkins – Vice President:  Marty is THE wood expert.  He is responsible for all manufacturing and shipping as well as sales.  Marty also has 30 plus years in the wood industry.  He has a home in Ronan, Montana with the Mission Mountains as a backdrop.
  • Thom Forseth – Chief Operating Officer: Thom has been in the construction industry for 40 years and his love for working with wood has brought him into the company. Thom has recently moved to Ronan, MT to work in and operate our facility.
SS1  SS2  Side 1Tech Woods USA long range plans include broadening our customer base, the acquisition of a manufacturing facility in Montana, and the possibility of adding CNC capabilities so that we can offer a steady supply of finished stocks and other products.
We look forward to talking with you about our exciting, innovative, superior wood products that not only perform well, but are extremely beautiful and worthy of passing down from generation to generation.


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