Firearms Industry Showcase: Titan Security Products

The Titan Gun Safe makes legally transporting a sidearm easier and safer than ever. When a Titan safe is opened, a holster pops up with the pistol, ready to draw.|

Plus, you can use the same safe in the car and at home thanks to a quick-removal mounting bracket. Two brackets are included with every safe. They can be mounted virtually anywhere. When you want to move the safe from your house, there is a quick-release arm inside the safe.Take it off the bracket in your home and attach it to the bracket mounted in your car, boat or RV It can also be secured by a cable lock if you are staying in a hotel. With a convenient carrying strap, the safe can be discreetly carried between the vehicle and home.

CAR CONSIDERATIONS: Titan recognized that even if it has to be transported unloaded, yet people need to be able to access it and load it quickly. A Titan Ammo Box can be purchased separately that will open at the same time as the gun safe, and it presents a loaded magazine or two revolver speedloaders.

The safe complies with stringent firearms transport laws but gives the user fast access to a pistol and ammunition. It is up to each individual to determine the legality of caring a sidearm in his or her car. However, if it can be done the Titan Gun Safe probably fulfills the necessary requirements. For more information, visit

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