Firearms Industry Showcase: Airsoft Outlet NW

airsoft outlet nwThe misconception that Airsoft is a game played with toy guns couldn’t be further from the truth. As Airsoft guns have become more realistic in form and function, the sport has developed into combat simulation with realistic guns, gear, and tactics.

Airsoft isn’t just teenagers shooting each other with BB guns in the backyard anymore, it has become a tool to train in weapon dynamics and battlefield tactics. With the recently unstable supply and price of ammunition, Airsoft has become popular with military, law enforcement, and civilian shooters as an affordable option to maintain and develop firearm skills.
Similarly, the NRA and IPSC have both announced Airsoft divisions of their popular shooting competitions.
KWA’s LM4 Professional Training Rifle is the cutting edge of hyper-realistic Airsoft guns. The LM4 uses compressed gas to propel the Airsoft round, provides felt recoil, and reproduces all of the functions and features of a real AR15. With the LM4 the cost of ammunition including gas propellant is less than 3 cents per round, force on force training is safer and easier, and personal firearm training can be done almost anywhere. KWA also has a line of professional training pistols that are equally invaluable as training aids. Don’t let the cost of ammo or range space degrade your performance, Airsoft guns are an exciting option to keep your perishable shooting skills fresh.

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