Effects of Hands While Gun Discharges During Weapon Retention

There have been questions that come up on weapon retention and gun disarming,  “what happens to your hand during the struggle and the gun discharges?” Recently, the guys at Endeavor Defend & Fitness did a video of this case. Note this applies to an automatic handgun.


Here are some of the findings for one hand and two hands on the gun:

  • a round can be discharged – some people think not but,  if there is a round in the chamber, it’s ready to be discharge
  • The hand holding the slide will feel a little warm

So basically a round can still be fired, but there needs to be the cycling of ejecting and slide to place another round in the chamber. Second, there aren’t any injuries to the hand holding the slide (barrel).

Follow Up – Weapon Retention

So what do you do after that first round goes off? If this incident happens while you’re on duty as a law enforcement officer, you continue to fight to get some distance between you and the bad guy to survey the situation and respond appropriately. For us lawful gun owners, do the same thing, but always think to get away from this threat.

Danger Area
View the area that you’ve been fighting in as a danger area, and for your safety its about getting out of there. Even if it means to place accurate shots towards the bad guy while you’re running to a barrier. Barriers can be a car, door, building or any big object that you can place in between you and the bad guy while help arrives.



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