How Effective will a 9mm Bullet be to take out a Truck tire?

Ok, so we all have seen movies showing a person shooting at a vehicle tire with their pistol to deflate it. But, ever wonder, how effective is that with a 9mm?

Well enter FullMag who was curious and decided to try out this experiment.

Watch this video and see a 9mm pistol cartridge take on a truck tire.

The 9mm pistol cartridge has its lovers and its haters. How will a 9mm pistol hollow point bullet react when it hits a truck tire?

FullMag set to try this out on a truck tire attached to a Ford F-150. The bullet cuts a nice hole on entry and air whizzes from this hole. Remarkably the hollow point projectile almost completely penetrates the tire. It lodges in the tire just short of completely passing through.

The 9mm cartridge is here to stay and with this kind of test, we can clearly see why.

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by Eric Nestor

Source: Veoh

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