Editor’s note November 2015

FullSizeRenderThe American Shooting Journal sends out a very special salute to the veterans we have lost.

I understand why people mourn every November 11th on Veterans Day, but I feel it is more of a celebration. Confused? Don’t be. I am sorry we have lost our heroes, yet I feel a sense of pride that they lived. It takes people like those we’ve lost, as well as those still in the fight to inspire the next generation, to teach new strategies and makes those who follow only better.

Looking back on all wars, our veterans left home knowing they may not return and for most, they still felt compelled to take on the challenge. What is amazing is they felt that their singular presence could make a difference enough to pack that bag, kiss their families goodbye and get on that bus bound for bootcamp. That, my friend, requires the pride of a lion and yet Americans do this every day. This is a commendable form of honor and that is what makes the difference in our military – pride and patriotism. 

This issue of the American Shooting Journal is a tribute to the voices of war and all veterans. Among some of the treasures you will find buried in these pages are snapshot stories from veterans, tactics and tips from 20-year SEAL veteran Chris Sajnog and the history of Veterans Day – what older readers remember as Armistice Day. We would also like to introduce you to some very special people: members of what many consider the first Special Forces team – the Devil’s Brigade – and Jose Martinez, a war veteran who came home missing three of his limbs. His patriotism, enthusiasm and can-do attitude is infectious, as are the efforts of the Veterans Sportsman Alliance, who Martinez calls his second family.

To all who support our warriors, you too are not forgotten. It takes a team, and we are all players on the field.

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