Drilling Rifles & other Combination Guns

Have you ever wished or thought of having a rifle and a shotgun combination?, all in one. Yes, these combination drilling guns do exist.
Though they are not popular, it may be something to consider for a survival gun.
These combination guns below will give you a glimpse of options to consider.

  • Springfield Armory M6 Scout Combination Gun

    The Springfield Armory M6 Scout is a multipurpose firearm, combining rifle and shotgun. This discontinued weapon was once made with a .22 LR or a .22 Hornet barrel over a 3-inch magnum .410-bore shotgun barrel.
    Was effectively two single-shot weapons combined.
    The original M6 was issued to U.S. Air Force aircrew from the late 1950s until the early 1970s.
    When the civilian version showed up on the market, survivalists and outdoors enthusiasts found them incredibly handy.
  • Savage Arms Model 24C-DL Combination Gun

    The Savage 24 is actually a single shot rifle barrel sitting on top of a single shot shotgun barrel. A selector switch allows you to quickly choose the barrel of choice.
    This rifle could be chambered in .22 LR, .22 Magnum, .357 Magnum or .357 Maximum, .223 Remington and .30-30 Winchester with a .410-bore, 20-gauge or 12-gauge shotgun barrel underneath.
    The Savage model 24 began as utilitarian guns that would do double duty on farms and in the woods, where game and pests of different sorts would show up and the right gun was important to have.
  • Baikal IZH 94 Combination Rifle
    This is a pretty good all around gun. This combo gun is a 12 gauge shotgun, over a .223 rifle. This would be a good wilderness, or survival gun.
    Many sportsmen and shooters have referred to the Baikal IZH 94 Combination Gun as the “poor man’s drilling.”
    Combination guns are not that popular but for survival preppers may like this.
  • European Drilling Combo Rifle and Shotgun

    Traditionally, it is a double barrel shotgun with a rifle barrel centered underneath the other barrels.
    Historically this arm was used many times while hunting stag deer and also wild boar. When using it to hunt large game, buckshot or rifled slugs were used in the shotgun barrels, and the rifle barrel was loaded for the full caliber.
    In World War II, expensive drilling guns were sent with the pilots of the German Luftwaffe as survival tools in case they were shot down in a wild area. Some of the European drillings found their way home with servicemen after the end of the war.
  • Unique Pre-WWI Custom Mauser Combination Gun
    This unique custom sporting rifle (and shotgun) is a very cool example of the true gunsmith’s art. This firearm began as a Mauser model 98 action, which was embellished and fitted with a fancy barrel (chambered for 8mm) and express sights.
    The gunsmith, Georg Knaak, of Berlin then added a shotgun barrel below the rifle barrel, on a pivoting mount that allows it to open to the right for loading and ejection. A second trigger and associated hammer mechanism allow the two barrels to be fired independently.
    The proof marks on the rifle section indicate that it was produced just prior to World War One.
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