Double Barreled 1911 Pistol Quad Rapid Fire

Jerry Miculek demonstrates rapid firing a pair of quad double barrel 1911 .45 ACP by Arsenal Firearms. Jerry fires off 20 rounds in less than 1.5 seconds.

Video transcript

Jerry Miculek: Hey Guys I’m Jerry Miculek I’m out here on the range today, s’a beautiful day, I’ve got some really trick stuff today, somethin’ totally different that I’ve never fired this before in my life.

Jerry Miculek: It’s the original– Twiceshooter guys. 45ACP or it might be a 90ACP 2 of ’em both together, uh, maybe not. [chuckles] It’s the original double-stack, as you can see, you put two single-stack mags in it, uh, the trigger works both hammers, so either side that you grab it it’s gonna shoot, so; you’ve got a lotta horsepower here, you’ve got 45 ACP, what can you say guys, stainless steel it looks pretty slick, got adjustable sights. Check in stock, it’s a beautifully-made gun, it’s out of Arsenal, and they’re made out of Italy. They were nice enough to send me one to play with, but I also told them y’know I had trouble shooting enough ammunition in a short period of time, so they were really nice– and they sent two of ’em guys! I got two of these things! I got four barrels! They said 90 caliber, might be a 180 Caliber, quad-mounted 45 caliber pistol!

Jerry Miculek: So here we go, we’re gonna make a lotta noise, short period of time, waste a lotta ammo, have a good time. Let’s go ahead ‘n Load ’em up!

Jerry Miculek: Alright! Here we go guys, Ten bucks worth of ammo, fast as we can make it happen! READY!


Jerry Miculek: Woaaoooh! Haha! Wooh! Woah. Wow. That’s a lotta fun right there, guys. Let’s take a look at it!

[Gunfire in slow-motion]

Jerry Miculek: Eheheh, I know what’yer thinkin’ guys, ten bucks worth ‘a ammo, knocked the target down, had a buncha- a buncha lead there (“A bunch that landed there”?) at the same time, give you an idea what we did: First shot was .28 one-hundredths, and the last shot was 1.77 one-hundredths. So if I do the math right I think that’s a 1.49 one-hundredths of a second.
Let’s see how many we got, we should have 20.

Jerry Miculek:Let’s see what we got here. Aaaaagh! Two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve, fourteen, sixteen, eighteen, I think we’ve got them on here guys! Think that’s– That’s a double, that’s a double, two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve, fourteen, sixteen, eighteen. Think I got eighteen on there, guys! Whooh. In a second and a half! My wrists say that was a lotta fun. Maybe we could do somethin’ different.

Jerry Miculek: As it is tradition with our ‘Shoot-Fast’ videos, we take these guns right out on our range and shoot ’em. I didn’t sight it in, I just went out there, oiled ’em up, and started shooting. Uh, the experience is quite different. I do have to say, s’a lotta horsepower, you’re shooting two uh 45 ACP 230 round ball ammunitions at one time at one trigger pull, so you’re getting 460 grains of lead downrange, so the thump that you feel is close to a –like a 500 Magnum, maybe a little bit less. You gotta lotta slide comin’ back, you got two barrels reciprocating, it’s uh, it’s quite a different feeling, it’s a real long push, more than a jab, so uh… I think if I spent some time on the range and actually, uh, played with it a little bit and do a trigger job on it I could probably get some nice splits with it, so… s’kind of an interesting gun, all-in-all, but uh, now that I’ve got the ball-bearings rolling, we’re gonna come up with some very unique situations and do some testing with this. So I want you guys to keep posting, guys, we got some really trick stuff comin’!

Transcribed by Sam Morstan

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