Did you know Disney used to make Anti-Tank training films?

When we think of Disney, we think of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.
Back in the WWII era, Disney did their part to help Uncle Sam by making instructional films on how to use the Boys anti-tank rifle.

This vintage video from VDMA Youtube goes over the instructions of the .55-caliber rifle, known as the Boys Anti-Tank rifle. This was used to stop or slow down an armored vehicle.
See it below, you can skip the cartoon and go straight to the instruction portion at 3:50 timeline.

This big Boy .55-caliber is an accurate bolt action.
Weighs in at 36 pounds,
magazines weighs 2lbs 7 oz (5 rounds)
The maximum range is 300 yard and can penetrate light to medium armor.
Maximum effective range for good penetration is at 100 yards. Troops were trained to shoot at armor with 0 to 20 degrees in angle, this gives the bullet a chance to successfully penetrate.
At greater angles such as 45 degrees, the chance of armor penetration is reduced, the bullet may ricochet.
Other targets to disable a tank and armor vehicle were:
-The seams (joints), junction points of the turret and hull.
-The tracks, if disabled it renders the armor vehicle movements.
This is a historic find, like having that Army Field Manual from long ago.