AR-15 9mm Bolt Carrier..

Everyone loves shooting the 9mm and enjoys the simple AR-15 platform. If you’re relative new to ARs or maybe a seasoned AR carrier for other calibers. Might consider shooting some 9s downrange in an AR platform. This is not a new thing, people have been shooting it since the early 1980’s with the Colt 9mm SMG R0635. This 9mm Colt is a variation of the M-16 rifle that is blowback operated and fires from a closed bolt.

Fast forward to modern day using a 9mm on an AR platform along with your Glock pistol is ideal. No need to worry about changing out to different calibers. One caliber for everything, again its not about having one caliber to rule them all, just a convenience thing.

Here are some basic information on this 9mm AR15 bcg, straight up from site. The Brownells 9mm AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group is constructed entirely from a single piece of steel billet and features a pinned weight that can be taken out for compatibility with different buffer systems.

  • Compatible with both Glock and Colt magazines
  • Features complete nitride treatment for reduced friction

The Brownells 9mm AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group also features a captured firing pin in order to prevent the possibility of slam fires.

A quick word on magazines usage, you can use Colt SMG magazines and Glocks 19/17/34.

Short List of 9mm BCG

  • Faxon Firearms 9mm Bolt Carrier Group
  • JP Enterprises AR-15 9mm Bolt Carrier Group
  • CMMG Radial Blowback 9mm BCG & Barrel

So what are you waiting for? You can get this 9mm AR15 BCG right here.