Aeroknox 1911 Slide – AX // 01

Aeroknox has released a new 1911 slide which they call AX // 01. The slide is not available to the public yet, its on Aeroknox website with a “coming soon” status and you can pre-order.

Even though the 1911 pistol is over a century old and design hasn’t changed much. The slide however, is off the hook and very modern and futuristic looking.

With the new slide design it looks like a blaster from a science fiction movie.

The new Aeroknox slide is machined from a 4340 steel. It is compatible with government size 1911s (5″ barreled and chambered in .45 ACP). The slide also features dovetail cuts for Novak sights. It has rather large rear serrations and similar front ones.

There are also smaller and finer serrations on the sides of the slide. According to Aeroknox, the cutouts on the slide are there to help cool the barrel. Personally, I am not a huge fan of dirt and debris windows to the moving parts, but that’s a matter of personal preference.

The gun in the picture is also equipped with Aeroknox Stealth Grip Mod2 aluminum grips. I think the slide and these grips make a really nice looking combination.

Here’s what they’re saying about this:

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