Action vs Reaction Handgun Drill

This handgun drill is performed by PfcTraining Progression Force Concepts. One shooter is the initiator and the other is the reactor. The drill is two-fold, each shooters ability to go from zero to full speed with accuracy will be enhanced.

This handgun drill is termed “The Charging Initiator”, though the drill emphasis is on testing the shooter’s reaction time, presentation against a buddy. It’s all about forward motion, what would be interesting is to also utilize lateral movements to the target. Another suggestions is to have both shooters start by moving their hands like a 3rd base coach signaling to the batter in baseball (coined by Tony Blauer of TB Tactical Systems), from there the initiator can initiate the drill. Happy training!

Video Transcription:

“That’s a great run”
“Hey guys, Ryan from Progressive Force Concepts here with another drill for you guys. If you’ve been out to train with us before, particularly on the handgun, you’re familiar with our Gunfight initiator drill, it’s one of our staples, where we test action verses reaction, different areas on the body, different shooting responses, and the ability to play catch-up based off a physical or visual response . We’ve modified that and we’ve added something to it, this is kind of a charging version, a charger of the gunfighter initiator, and it’s pretty interesting what ends up happening. So the traditional Gunfight Initiator is where we start out at the three-yard line.

We have one shooter with his arms extended, and the other shooter with his arms neutral down at his sides; and the one with his arms extended, he is going to drop those going for his firearm. He is required to fire one round to the cranial-ocular cavity. The reactor is required to go for his firearm and then fire two rounds to the center of the thoracic cavity. The advantages we know are two and two: Two advantages for the initiator and two advantages for the reactor. In this version, the charging version, we’re starting back at the seven yard line. Hands go out in the exact same fashion, reaction is the same fashion, and the shooting responses are the same. The only addition is, is that when those hands drop, both shooters have to take and RUN from the seven over to the three-yard line, where they’re gonna take and present their weapons as necessary and fire.

“One of the interesting things we found about this is, on the stationary version, the shooter tends to really sort of dig into a stance. They try to get their feet as perfect as they can, acquire a very good natural point of aim, before the presentation, and that in some regards is unrealistic. This version is very fascinating because of the way the shooter will finish up to take the shot. They might be forward with the opposite foot than they normally would be, they might have a heel off of the ground, they may still be moving into the shot and not have finally acquired their shooting platform.

So again, the setup on this: Initiator, he’s gonna be firing one round to the head; Reactor, two rounds to the body; reactor starts, arms at their sides; Initiator starts, arms out in front. Whenever he decides he wants to launch, hands drop and both shooters take off running for the three, goin’ for the guns as they go. It’ll be pretty interesting what actually shakes out on this. You’ll be pretty fascinated and frustrated at the same time. Give it a try, we think you guys will like it a lot. Stay safe.

Source: PFCTraining Youtube

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