7 Shotguns Kaboom

Shotguns can kaboom just like any firearm can.
Faulty loaded ammunition can be the death to a fine shotgun.

These seven shotgun kabooms send these weapons to their doom.
This skeet shooter had a nasty surprise waiting for him…

Squib art
A seasoned duck hunter evidently had a dud (squib) shotgun shell jam a wad in his shotgun barrel. The next shot made this work of destructive art.

Well that was once a really nice classic shotgun…

This shotgun was a total loss from a badly loaded shell.

Now that is indeed a sad and scary sight.

Where there’s smoke…
Never fire modern smokeless shotshells in a Damascus or twist steel barrel. This is certainly what happened here in a black powder only vintage shotgun.

The shotgun wad never made it out of the barrel.

In the end many shotgun kabooms can be avoided. Never place a 20 gauge shotshell into a 12 gauge weapon. That smaller shell will lodge in the barrel and a 12 gauge shell can fire into that live shell. Then you have a hand grenade.

Also, any barrel obstructions from squib ammunition must be addressed before you fire again.

Never fire reloaded ammunition unless it is your carefully constructed loads or from a very reputable source. Be careful and that shotgun will survive generations and you will keep your fingers. Now that is certainly a win.

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