5 Quick Tips to Better your Pistol Aim

We all love to shoot and have fun doing it but sometimes we suffer from a lack of knowledge on how to correct our mistakes when shooting our pistol. Many times we’re not aware of these mistake in the mechanics or finger placement but we are very aware of their effects on paper. (our groupings)

Here are some quick tips to turbo charge your basics that you may have forgotten.

    1. Slow Down – Everybody wants to shoot fast, but when shooting that fast you give up accuracy. Get into a rhythm then you can speed it up.
    2. Dry Fire – This is a very boring drill but its a prerequisite to solidifying your marksmanship, plus it’ll save you ammo ($)

    1. Trigger Control – This may be one of the most important basics of any firearms marksmanship training. The basics is with trigger control is to get that “surprise break”.

    1. Sight Alignment – Is the relationship between the front and rear sights with respect to your eyes. Obviously you must keep the front sight post centered vertically and horizontally in the rear sight aperture.


  • High Firm Pistol Grip – The grip is accomplished by placing the web of the firing hand high on the pistol grip and wrapping all fingers except the trigger finger around the pistol grip of the weapon. Its real important to maintain a firm grip.

Sources: Omar Gonzalez, Travis Haley

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