10 Off the Wall aftermarket Modified Glocks

Aftermarket options for Glock pistols are infinite.

Use of such accessories is not generally encouraged or considered wise by retailers of these items, but its all about personalizing.

Check out our top 10 most off the wall modified Glocks. Heads up: these may induce fits of hysterical laughter.

10. Oh, the beauty of a heavily engraved and gold plated… Glock?

9. How do you make sure your Glock pistol is as happy as you are?
Paint smiley faces on it. That says you mean business, for certain.

8. A forward grip attached to your Glock pistol is a huge ATF no-no!
Throw a stock on there to rack up as many absurd federal charges as possible. This genius might be in hot water in the future…

7. Stippling your Glock grip may conceivably give you a better grip… that being said, oh, my eyes.
Just remember, when mud and debris packs into those tiny holes, you will have a fun time cleaning it. Just sayin’…

6. Paint your Glock like a Nintendo video game toy gun. What could possibly go wrong?

5. Need a subcompact pistol but don’t want to buy a smaller Glock?
Well, chop the grip down on your full-sized Glock. Now you have a… well, mutant Glock.

4. For the Deadpool character wanna-bes, behold the Deadpool copycat Glock pistol.
Oh, look at the great deal you get with that work of art, don’t know looks more like a Barbie thing…

3. When you want your Glock to be a rifle…
…you can get this conversion kit to turn your Glock pistol into a short range, short sight radius under-powered rifle. Better buy a proper rifle there, buddy or get a KelTech.

2. A Glock 50-round drum.
Nothing says “concealed carry” like this boat anchor attached to your Glock pistol. Initially, I thought this was part of Boses headphones.

1. Add a huge muzzlebreak, long barrel, optics and a bipod to to your Glock 10mm Pistol. Why? Why Not?

Bonus one – James Bond Wannabe?
Not sure what to make of this but a cross between a James Bond or someone with a disable arm, still not sure where the optics comes into play. You let us know below in the comment, cheers!

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