CZ-USA Dave Miller WORLD RECORD Shooting Attempt


World Record SHOOTING Attempt

CZ-USA’s Dave Miller will attempt to shoot a world record number of flying target in one hour.
The initial requirements to succeed:

30 CZ Shotguns
16 Target Throwers
5000 Shotgun Shells
6400 Clay Targets
1 hour
Immense logistics

CZ-USA Pro-staffer Dave Miller spoke to us at the NRA show and gave us an insider view of what it will take make it into the Guinness Book Of World Records.

Miller stated that in order to make the world record, he is attempting to shoot over 3025 flying clay targets in 60 minutes. This will require 16 target throwers to be operating at all times, not to mention an army of people loading and handing him shotguns as needed. The throwers will have to maintain four airborne clay targets each second during the course of fire. Let me repeat that. There will be a steady stream of clay targets shot from 16 throwers wherein four clay targets will be airborne at any given time. This is the level of stress Miller will be facing to make the record. To add insult to injury Miller is going to do this shooting from the hip! (Throwing my clipboard, papers and pen in the air). Whoa! Here is an OODA-loop exercise most mortals would never survive.

When: May 16, 2015 at 8PM CST
Where: Heartland Trap and Wobble Skeet Range in Harrisonville, Mo.
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