Using the Abused

Natalie Foster, NRA News Commentator, addresses the topic of  “abuse.”

There are Anti-Gun groups that want to stigmatize and shame gun owners.
They do this by highlighting the suffering of domestic violence victims, in order to advance their agenda which has nothing to do with making them safer.
For example:


This statistic is questionable.

When it comes to a woman’s right of how to defend themselves, it is neither questionable nor a statistical argument. This comes down to freedom of choice.

The bottom line is it is “abuse” and it’s not cause by guns as the Anti-Gun groups are advocating, but caused by issues of drug use, low self-esteem, educational and income disparity.

So where is the Anti-Gun groups on all of these problems?
Nowhere, their only interest in domestic abuse is making sure that the victims can’t defend themselves with a firearm.

Truly shameful!

This isn’t about guns, but societal issues that creates the violence. There has to be a societal solution to the problem.
Everyone needs to be vigilant and educated on the issue.

Taking away guns from domestic victims is not the solution.
You can take guns out of the equation, but you’re still left with women being beaten, stabbed or verbally tortured.


Here’s what we can do in an ideal society. Isolate and shame these abusers as “evil bottom-feeding cowards,”  the lowest of the low. Society should celebrate and empower women to be independent, capable, strong, competent and educated gun owners.

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